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SUNDAY, JUNE 13, 2010
Live at Radio City Music Hall

Next Fall Nominee Geoffrey Nauffts Fails to Sleep Through His Big Tony Moment

Next Fall Nominee Geoffrey Nauffts Fails to Sleep Through His Big Tony Moment

Geoffrey Nauffts

The morning the Tony nominations are announced, phones start ringing off the hook for the happy few who get nods. As usual, is among the callers offering congratulations and getting responses. Here are the first reactions from 2010 Tony nominees. Congrats to all!

Geoffrey Nauffts
Nominated for Best Play, Next Fall

“I was planning on just sleeping in this morning—I figured I’d either get a call waking me up, or get no call and that would be that. But my close friend and our producer, Anthony Barrile, ended up calling a half hour before they made the announcements essentially saying, ‘You better get up, bitch!’ He doesn’t have a computer and they weren’t announcing the nominees live on TV because of the whole car bomber story, so he needed me to turn on my computer so he could experience it…through the telephone. Overall, I’m just incredibly grateful. I’ve been in this business a long time. As a young artist, you always think about a goal—something to work for. As time goes on, you experience friends and colleagues having this [Tony Awards] moment, and it’s always thrilling to watch. But for it to happen to you? Well, it’s hard to put into words. I hope [this nominations] gives other people hope to stay in the game. And the idea that Sheryl Kaller, my incredible director, was nominated as well has made it all doubly thrilling.”

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