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The Screwtape Letters - Off-Broadway

A theatrical adaptation of C.S. Lewis' classic novel.

All About Off-Broadway's Screwtape Letters, a Hell of a Show!

All About Off-Broadway's Screwtape Letters, a Hell of a Show!
'The Screwtape Letters'

In the early days of World War II, celebrated author C.S. Lewis penned a novel aimed at the lies and doubletalk perpetuated by the Nazis. The Screwtape Letters featured letters written from hell by the demon title character to a “junior tempter” on Earth, including helpful tips for convincing people to embrace "Our Father Below." Actor/writer Max McLean, known for his adaptations of biblical material, recognized a devilishly good story and starring role when he saw it, and now his hit production of The Screwtape Letters has arrived at off-Broadway’s Westside Theatre for a summer run. McLean and co-star Karen Eleanor Wright gave a preview of the show and explained why “His Abysmal Sublimity Screwtape” is irresistible on the page—and on the stage.

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