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Come Fly Away - Broadway

Twyla Tharp's new dance musical featuring the music and voice of Frank Sinatra.

Come Fly Away's Charlie Neshyba-Hodges Reveals the Secret to Backstage Balance

Come Fly Away's Charlie Neshyba-Hodges Reveals the Secret to Backstage Balance

The athletic dancing of Charlie Neshyba-Hodges is a standout in Twyla Tharp’s Frank Sinatra tribute Come Fly Away. Neshyba-Hodges plays Marty, a nightclub waiter who falls head over heels (literally) for a young patron (played by Laura Mead) in a sweet story of new love. The talented performer welcomed to his cozy dressing room at the Marquis Theatre, which he has filled with items to “create balance,” fulfilling his thoughtful philosophy that “the more comfortable you are in your home base the more daring and courageous you can be outside.” In this case “outside” means the Marquis’ stage. Make yourself at home in Neshyba-Hodges’ backstage space.

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“This lightbulb is a reminder that sometimes in life we have to be inventive, creative, clever and think upside down, backwards and forwards. I find that important for my character, Marty, and also for me as a performer. Thinking outside the box can be a positive way forward.”

“I use this yarn as a show counter. It allows me to document the show on a personal level; it’s like a journal. I add one row per show, and it reminds me that each one is an important and special experience that shouldn’t be taken for granted or forgotten about.”

“The PEZ collection started when I was a very little boy. I have famous people sign them when they see the show. I let them pick which one they want to sign. Katie Holmes signed one when she came to see the show.”

“I sewed this stuff on the bed—my mom taught me how to do that. It reminds me of where I come from, and it keeps things honest and humble. I like the earthy tone of it—the green grass, the butterflies, mushrooms. They’re all things that can be very calming. It’s also a nice place for a good nap “

“This is a picture of me and my partner Adam on the very first day we met. The best friend who set us up on a blind date took the picture with her phone. I think that it’s really special that we have a shot of the very beginning. I also like to have this in my dressing room because it reminds me that there’s a life outside of the show, which is just another way of providing balance.”

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