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Fela! - Broadway

The new musical based on the life and music of Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

Everybody Say Yea, Yea to Sahr Ngaujah's Eclectic Fela! Digs

Everybody Say Yea, Yea to Sahr Ngaujah's Eclectic Fela! Digs
This silver box contains sand from the desert of Mali...the ancestral home of my father’s tribe.

Onstage, Sahr Ngaujah is a man of many words—or rather his character, political activist and Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti, is, riffing on everything from the power of music to what the audience is drinking during performances at Fela!. Off-stage, however, Ngaujah is a deep man of few(er) words, who lets his style and surroundings speak for themselves. Shortly after being named a Tony Award nominee for Best Actor in a Musical, the star welcomed into his digs at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre. Take a look at the exotic collections of items that help this world traveler's dressing room feel more like home, from the root that keeps him healthy to a very special handful of sand.

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“Pictures of [famed actors] Ossie and Ruby [Dee] Davis remind me of the work and passion of countless others whose efforts afford me the possibility to take advantage of countless opportunities laid before me.”

“This silver box contains sand from the desert of Mali, procured by a dear friend. Mali is the ancestral home of my father’s tribe, Kono of Sierra Leone, descendant of Mandingo aka Vai, in Liberia.”

“Ginger is a staple part of my wellness intake.”

“This whistle is from Falling Whistles, a campaign for peace in the Congo [which works to] rehabilitate and advocate for war-affected children.”

“The DVD is [of] Joe Campbell’s lectures, which are a constant source of inspiration. [They] detail the links between the mythic heritage of the human species on planet Earth.”

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