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Marian Seldes Explains Her Silent Tony Acceptance 'Speech'

Marian Seldes Explains Her Silent Tony Acceptance 'Speech'
Marian Seldes
Marian Seldes explains her silent 'speech' at the 2010 Tony Awards.

One of the most talked about moments at the 2010 Tony Awards came during the initial hour (shown on NY1 and online), when Marian Seldes took the stage at Radio City Music Hall to accept a Lifetime Achievement Award. The great actress placed her hand over her heart and gazed out at the crowd, then exited the stage without saying a word. (The replay on the CBS Tony telecast emphasized just how unusual Seldes' big moment seemed to viewers.)

Now comes an explanation on the blog of actor/writer Steve Schalchlin (The Last Session), who was seated at the same table with Seldes at Sardi’s after a starry June 14 benefit concert of Brigadoon. “We had to ask her about it, of course,” writes Schalchlin. “A.J. Shively, who was sitting on my other side, and who is in the cast of La Cage [as Jean-Michel], said that he was upstairs with the Cagelles [when Seldes received her Tony], who all were screaming in delight at her ‘speech.’ With a twinkle in her eye, she said to Jim [Brochu], ‘They told us, keep it short, keep it short, keep it short, so I decided I would just say nothing.’"

A few days before the Tonys, visited Seldes at home for an exclusive photo portfolio.

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