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In the Heights - Broadway

A crowd-pleasing, contemporary hit about a vibrant neighborhood at a crossroads.

On Her Opening Night, Jordin Sparks Celebrates Reaching the Heights

She's performed for millions on American Idol, shared the stage with music legends at VH1's Divas Live and sang the national anthem at the Super Bowl, but Idol champ Jordin Sparks couldn't help but beam from ear to ear on her opening night in In the Heights. On September 14, Sparks (who plays Nina) joined her Heights cast members (including Kyle Beltran, Priscilla Lopez and Clifton Oliver) at Angus McIndoe Restaurant to celebrate her Broadway debut. The Heights crew is obviously delighted to welcome the Grammy nominated superstar to their family, but Sparks herself couldn't be more humble as she gushed about her co-stars. Take a look as Sparks spills the details on making Broadway her new home.

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