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Promises, Promises - Broadway

Kristin Chenoweth and Sean Hayes star in the revival of this classic musical.

Kristin Chenoweth's Year On Twitter: Star Dishes on Wicked, Jersey Shore and More

Kristin Chenoweth's Year On Twitter: Star Dishes on Wicked, Jersey Shore and More
'By the time they do the 'Wicked' movie, I will be playing either a munchkin or Madame Morrible.'

It's been quite the busy year for Kristin Chenoweth. From a starring role in Broadway's Promises, Promises to a return engagement at Glee, appearing in the feature film You Again, showing up at the Emmys with Kathy Griffin and being inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame, the Tony-winning actress has been everywhere. Luckily, the adorable star clued her fans in to her many exciting moments along the way, thanks to her Twitter account (even giving several shout outs!) We pulled some of our favorite tweets from Chenoweth's frequently updated account to present "the year in Kristin tweets." In typical Twitter fashion Chenoweth's grammar is sometimes less than steller, but you'll love her insights anyways. Take a look below, then follow the actress yourself on Twitter at @KChenoweth.

On Performing in Promises, Promises:
“Yes my show [shoe] flew into audience at matinee thank goodness no one got hurt!!!!! Heehee” 12:09 AM Dec 19th

"Getting ready for the show. I'm still in love with Promises, Promises." 7:58 PM Nov 18th

@tvismylife01 "I'm so proud of my awards. The audience votes! YAY" 11:48 PM Sep 18th

"Tomorrow is opening night of Promises Promises. I've never been prouder to be a part of such a talented group." 12:04 AM Apr 25th

On Her Famous Friends:
“The best part of my day, everyday, is sharing the stage with @theseanhayes. (I also enjoyed a slurpee from 7/11)” 11:52 PM Dec 9th

@kathygriffin “just picked my friend Kathy Griffin. She looks prettier than me. I don't know how I feel about that.” 4:28 PM Aug 21st

@Regis_and_Kelly “the lastthing I saw was kellys tiny butt. Girl can run. Love u ripa. Xo” 11:09 AM Sep 22nd

@m4zdaman @IMKristenBell “kristen Bell is not that much taller than me if she says she is I will spank her!” 1:40 AM Sep 4th

“Had a blast at the TONYS last night. The prettiest? Bernadette Peters.” 11:35 PM Jun 14th

On Her Fashion Choices:
@skippypylon. Hilarious!!! The outlet mall is my second favoruite place besides voice lessons. 6:59 PM Dec 9th

“I'm here at the yankee game. So excited to get my bedazzled yankees jacket.” 7:15 PM Oct 18th

"Got a few cute baubles at Forever 21. Oops. My no shopping rule didn't stick." 3:47 PM Sep 16th

On Her Personal Preferences:
“Favorite movie? Terms of Endearment.” 3:38 PM Dec 17th

“Do I like ice cream? Is the Pope Catholic?” 9:32 PM Dec 4th

“Tonights experience of The Scottsboro Boys makes me so proud to call myself a theater girl. Wow. What a night.” 10:27 PM Oct 31st

“no I don't watch jersey shore. They scare me.” 10:39 AM Oct 24th

@mauiphotofest "wait I should be clear! GLEE is my favorite!! I just love Mad Men too. The two best." 11:04 PM Sep 12th

On Her Big Achievements:
“Words can't express how fun the OK Hall Of Fame was! But being back with PP? The bestest!” 11:03 PM Nov 5th

“I just found out there is a racehorse named after me that won at Suffolk Downs monday. I darn near cried I'm so happy!” 11:49 PM Aug 27th

"I just heard Kanye did a mashup with my song POPULAR from Wicked. So cool." 1:00 AM Jun 19th

"I've been practicing the guitar so much my left fingers are KILLING. I'm loving it tho!" 9:48 PM Feb 15th

Fun Quotes:
@IBBSolutions "omg. I'm a germaphobe. Please Lord don't let me get bedbugs." 2:02 PM Oct 22nd

@b1e2t3t4y5 "I wouldve been a detective if I didn't choose this." 12:47 AM Oct 19th

@KChenowethClub "haha I didn't know I had cellulite! I'm glad they told me." 9:25 PM Sep 27th

"I did ambien tweeting last night. It was all from the heart tho. Ruh roh raggy" 2:34 PM Sep 18th

@BrianADeacon "by the time they do the wicked movie , I will be playong either a munchkin or madame morrible." 11:27 AM Aug 28th

"I love Gummi Bears but I heard it takes like, 7 years to digest. :/ I pictured myself giving birth to a large, clear gummie bear in 7 yrs" 11:27 PM Mar 10th


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