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The People in the Picture - Broadway

Donna Murphy stars in this new musical by Beaches scribe Iris Rainer Dart.

The People in the Picture's Donna Murphy Offers Some Advice to a Sister Nominee

The People in the Picture's Donna Murphy Offers Some Advice to a Sister Nominee
Donna Murphy

The morning the Tony nominations are announced, phones start ringing off the hook for the happy few who get nods. As usual, is among the callers offering congratulations and getting responses. Here are the first reactions from 2011 Tony nominees. Congrats to all!

Donna Murphy
Nominated for Best Actress in a Musical, The People in the Picture

“I have to admit, I was sleeping when the announcement was made. I’m one of those lazy bums that grabs sleep when I can, especially when I’m doing a musical. I had some really beautiful messages, emails and calls from friends and colleagues, so it was pretty terrific. I’ve learned not to expect anything in these situations, especially when people like to talk about it so much beforehand. My job is to do the work, and I feel honored and happy that I’ll get to be there to represent my show. It’s hard to talk about because I have found that it can make me a little self-conscious, the whole awards time. I’ve been so very lucky. This is the fifth time I’ve been nominated, and it always takes me back the first time when I did Passion. The show was such a dream come true that the nomination was icing on the cake. I don’t know that I could ever attach words to it, and I will probably be trying to for the rest of my life. I saw beautiful Patina Miller yesterday, and 10 people were wanting to talk to her at all times. At one point I caught her eye. She gave me this big smile and her eyes were just 100 feet wide. I grabbed her hand and said, 'I hear you’re just radiant, and I’m sure you are. Enjoy every moment.' And she said, 'Oh, thank you! I will and I am!' Then I thought, 'Who do you think you are, her Grandma?' But I know what it’s like! You just opened a great show and it can be like your wedding day and you don’t remember any of it. It’s nice to take a breath and go, 'You know, this is a lovely thing. I’m glad to be in the presence of such wonderful work.'"

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