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Wicked - Broadway

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Mustang Teal! Wicked Witch Teal Wicks Remembers Cruising Through High School

Mustang Teal! Wicked Witch Teal Wicks Remembers Cruising Through High School
Teal Wicks
I would dare myself to be more outspoken.

As kids all over America head back to school, decided to ask our favorite Broadway stars to look back at their own years in the classroom, sharing memories of favorite subjects and activities and describing their younger selves. From the sound of things, Wicked star Teal Wicks had a much easier go of it than her current Broadway character, the misunderstood young witch Elphaba, but could have taken a lesson from the tough green girl on being brave!

What advice would you give to your school-age self?
I would tell myself to not be so self-conscious, to fully embrace my passion and creativity and not apologize for it. Also, I would dare myself to be more outspoken and stand up for what I believe in.

What’s your favorite back-to-school item?
I am and have always been obsessed with writing utensils. I would spend a lot of time writing and doodling, so the more colors and variations of ink or lead the better!

In which extracurricular activities did you participate?
Soccer, Drama Club, Choir, Jazz Choir and driving around town with my friends in our classic cars—I had a '68 Mustang convertible!

Keep checking back for more School Days memories from your favorite stars.

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