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The Lion King's Adam Jacobs Reminisces about Candy Grams and Scavenger Hunts on Valentine’s Day

The Lion King's Adam Jacobs Reminisces about Candy Grams and Scavenger Hunts on Valentine’s Day
Adam Jacobs

Valentine’s Day is all about romance, so decided to collect romantic stories (and ideas for celebrating the national day of love) from some of the most passionate people we know: Broadway stars! Read on for memories, menus and much more.

ADAM JACOBS (Simba in The Lion King)

What was your biggest Valentine's Day disaster?
Remember candy grams? For those who don't, they were notes usually made out of red construction paper, shaped in hearts with a piece of cheap candy taped to it. You wrote a love note and gave it to someone in your homeroom class at school (how these were school-sanctioned I'll never know). For most students, it was simply a popularity contest, but if you had a crush and you didn't receive a candy gram from that person? It was the END OF THE WORLD.

What's the best Valentine's gift you ever gave—or received?
When I was touring with Mamma Mia!, we played the Music Hall in Dallas. My wife Kelly's show, Mary Poppins, was scheduled to come in right after us around Valentine's Day so I set up an elaborate scavenger hunt for her in the theater. I made sure to tell the house manager where all the hiding places and clues were so that nothing was disturbed. It had about 10 different steps and puzzle clues ending with a Tiffany key necklace in an orchestra locker in the basement of the theater. I think I probably had more fun creating it than she had solving it.

Tell us the perfect menu for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner.
Appetizer: Steamed mussels in a white wine sauce or a dozen oysters
Main Course: Maybe a flaky Chilean sea bass with a side of asparagus
Dessert: Chocolate mousse

What Broadway song would you use for a Valentine's Day serenade?
"All the Things You Are" from Very Warm For May.

If you could spend Valentine's Day with any celebrity, who would you choose and why?
I'm married. I plead the fifth.

Keep checking back for more Valentine’s Day ideas from your favorite stars.

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