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Good Cheno-Bits: Kristin Chenoweth Gets Biblical in the Bedroom on Episode 3 of GCB

Good Cheno-Bits: Kristin Chenoweth Gets Biblical in the Bedroom on Episode 3 of GCB
Kristin Chenoweth in 'GCB'
Take the 'sin' out of being single!

In episode three of GCB, Tony winner Kristin Chenoweth pulls out all the stops as TV’s favorite God-loving millionaire, Carlene Cockburn. This week, Carlene takes a break from torturing her rival Amanda to focus on her own marital problems. (Despite her creative attempts to get her husband Ripp excited in the bedroom, their usual spark is gone.) Meanwhile, the “very, very, very, very rich” couple keeps up appearances as the happily married leaders of their church’s singles support group. Read the highlights from this week’s holy episode, then check back next week for even more Bits!

Name: Carlene Cockburn

Motto: “Take the ‘sin’ out of being single.”

Costume Changes: 7

Cutest Outfit: Pink leopard negligee with matching robe

Lingerie to Get Ripp in the Mood: Tan bodysuit with glittery fig leaf

Best Reason to Change Clothes: “I’m gonna slip into something less Biblical.”

Church Club: Hillside Park Marriage All-Stars

Favorite Bookstore: Bibles and Stuff (it has “an extensive relationship section”)

Best Reason to Do Karate: “Lately I have a tension building in me. I’m about to go Krakatoa.”

Geography Lesson: “South America’s full of people who fake their own deaths.”

Wisdom For Singles: “The Bible tells us that God loves you just the way you are. But I’m here to tell you he’d prefer you if you was married.”

Surgical Secret: “Dr. Smithbrow has a new procedure where he sucks fat out of my buttocks and injects it into my eyes.”

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