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Don't Dress For Dinner - Broadway

Marc Camoletti's sequel to the French sex farce Boeing-Boeing.

Tony Nominee Spencer Kayden Reveals Her Obsession with Lena Dunham’s Girls, Her Blender & Chicken Poop Lip Balm

Tony Nominee Spencer Kayden Reveals Her Obsession with Lena Dunham’s Girls, Her Blender & Chicken Poop Lip Balm
Spencer Kayden
Chicken poop lip balm may sound disgusting, but Spencer Kayden insists it's 'actually quite fantastic.'

Broadway stars know what’s hot in entertainment, fashion and pop culture, so decided it was high time to tap in to the after-hours obsessions of our favorite stage actors. Don't Dress For Dinner star Spencer Kayden, who just scored her second Tony nomination for her scene-stealing role as a scheming Cordon Bleu chef, shared her love for the Olympics, One Man, Two Guvnors, sword fighting in Central Park and more.

TV SHOW: Girls on HBO
“I am truly obsessed with Lena Dunham. I find everything about her unique and refreshing. She is a brilliant, hilarious and honest writer who is not afraid to make her audience uncomfortable. I can’t imagine having such an articulate, clear voice when I was her age. Plus, the casting on this show is universally perfect.”

“If I weren’t performing, there is a real chance that I would be a One Man, Two Guvnors groupie. I think that production is masterful in every way.”

SONG OR SINGER: Juana Molina
“I have been listening to a lot of Juana Molina, an Argentinian singer songwriter. Her music is unlike anything I’ve heard before. She samples her own voice and layers it and loops it and creates extremely beautiful songs that are quite intriguing and hypnotic. I've also been blasting Styx Greatest Hits in my dressing room. Nothing like a bit of 'The Best of Times' before prancing around on stage.”

“I saw the movie Pina a couple of months ago and it is still lingering in my mind. It is a truly stunning tribute to an extraordinary choreographer. I think Wim Wenders was collaborating with Pina Bausch to make this film when she died in 2009. Her dancers, many of whom were in her company for more than 30 years, are exquisite whether they are throwing themselves up a dirt hill or standing perfectly still except for making strange precise gestures with one hand.”

ATHLETE: Olympians
“The Olympics are coming! The Olympics are coming! Seriously, I love the Olympics so much it hurts. I’m sure by the time they arrive this summer I will have fixated on a handful of athletes and I will well up with tears whenever I catch sight of them. The amount of sheer focus, dedication, ambition, raw strength and talent completely blows my mind.”

“I don't seem to take vacations, but I must say, a jaunt into Central Park can be mighty transporting. My boy and I can spend hours in the Ramble scaling rocks and sword fighting with sticks. I often forget I'm in Manhattan when I'm in there.”

“In my search for a Tony gown, I was recently introduced to a line called Theia. Everything about these dresses is stunning—the fabrics, the colors, the embroidery, the beading. If you ever have need to look like a goddess, look no further.”

“Imagine the following: fresh mango, lime, ginger, mint, kale, cucumber—you don’t even have to peel anything except the mango—just throw it in and watch it all get pulverized. Then gulp it down and pat yourself on the back for investing in such a rockin’ piece of kitchen equipment. It only takes a few minutes to make hummus, almond butter, carrot ginger dressing, soups, oh I could go on and on...And did I mention that it's a cinch to clean? (I must sound like a crazy lady who is peddling Ginsu knives. I just really love my blender, okay???)”

BEAUTY PRODUCT: Chicken Poop Lip Balm
“I know it sounds disgusting, but it’s actually quite fantastic. Made with lavender and sweet orange, it’s all-natural and the tube says, ‘Contains no poop.’ I believe it.”

BOOK: What It Is by Lynda Barry
“I suppose you could call this a book of writing exercises, but it is so much more than that. Because she is a painter and cartoonist as well as a writer, Lynda Barry has filled this book with delicious collages and drawings that swirl around her writing prompts like blood and gravy. (Does that simile even make sense???) Each page really is its own work of art. Even if you don’t have writing aspirations, this book is a fascinating window into ideas and creativity. It encourages you to ask yourself provocative questions like ‘When we imagine things we don’t want to imagine, why can’t we stop ourselves?’ or ‘When did you first notice you were bad at something? And then what happened?’ Tasty, no?”

  APP: Words With Friends
“I’m a Words With Friends dork!”

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