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Mx Justin Vivian Bond: Summer Camp - 54 Below

Mx Justin Vivian Bond presents 'Snow Angels' at 54 Below.

Music Mix: 54 Below's Mx Justin Vivian Bond on Inspirations Ranging from Nirvana to Godspell

Music Mix: 54 Below's Mx  Justin Vivian Bond on Inspirations Ranging from Nirvana to Godspell
Justin Vivian Bond

About the Show

'Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves' by Cher. It's the anthem of my people!

The Theatre District's swanky new nightclub 54 Below is hosting a slew of Broadway's hottest stars this summer, from two-time Tony winner Patti LuPone to downtown diva Mx Justin Vivian Bond. decided to ask these talented vocalists to share a few musical memories and tell fans about the singers who molded them into the performers they are today. Today we spotlight none other than Bond, who is performing a new show, Silver Wells, at 54 Below through July 9. The legendary downtown performer shared love of the Carpenters, Stevie Nicks, Beatrice Lillie and more.

What record/album was your favorite growing up?
The Carpenters’ Close to You album was my favorite when I was a kid, and under the musical direction of Lance Horne, I was fortunate enough to perform it start to finish in Central Park, the Castro Theater in San Francisco and the Sydney Opera House among other places. Such a dream come true.

What song are you most excited to perform in your show?
They're all songs from my new record, Silver Wells, so I love them all, but I start off with Ronee Blakley's "Dues" from Robert Altman's movie Nashville, which makes me incredibly happy.

If you can invite any performer onstage for a duet at 54 Below, who would it be?
I always love it when I get to perform with Sandra Bernhard. She's a sister. I also think it would be fun to sing with Fiona Apple. I love her.

What musical theater performer from the past do you wish you can collaborate with?
I'd like to perform in a revue with Sammy Davis Jr., Beatrice Lillie, Noel Coward and Eartha Kitt.

What musical theater track is the most played on your iPod?
Probably “By My Side” from Godspell.

What album was the soundtrack to your 20s?
It was a combination of Deee-Lite's World Clique, Nirvana's Nevermind, all Julie London and Diamanda Galas' Plague Mass. There was a lot going on!

What’s the best hidden gem in on your iPod?
DJ Sammy Jo's entire set from “Night of 1,000 Stevie's.” I'm a big Stevie Nicks fan and there are some amazing remixes.

What’s your favorite love song?
Cole Porter's “Night and Day” sung by anyone other than Sinatra.

Favorite break-up song?
“The Blizzard” by Judy Collins

What song most makes you smile?
“Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves” by Cher. It's the anthem of my people!

What song makes you feel sexy?
“Favorite Shirts” by Haircut 100

What is your favorite workout track?
I don't work out.

When this song plays, I can’t help but dance:
“There are Fairies at the Bottom of the Garden” by Beatrice Lillie.

Check out Mx Justin Vivian Bond’s Silver Wells at 54 Below July 2 and July 9.

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