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Barre Hopping: Sutton Foster Has a Run-In With the Law on Bunheads

Barre Hopping: Sutton Foster Has a Run-In With the Law on Bunheads
Sutton Foster in 'Bunheads'
Sutton Foster gets in trouble with the police and meets a mysterious rich guy on 'Bunheads.'

Broadway vet Sutton Foster is causing all kinds of trouble as TV’s favorite Vegas showgirl Michelle Simms on ABC Family’s Bunheads. After moving to Paradise, California, on a whim with her new husband Hubbell (whom she barely knows), Michelle’s world is turned upside down when he suddenly dies. Left alone with her late husband's argumentative ballet teacher mother Fanny (Tony winner Kelly Bishop), Michelle is shocked to learn that Hubbell has left all of his property—including Fanny’s house—to Michelle. When our heroine goes on a joy ride to release some tension, she’s arrested for entering a private driveway. Meanwhile, Michelle meets Grant (Friends and West Wing vet Steven Eckholdt), the rich, mysterious (and adorable!) owner of the driveway, and aspiring ballerinas Boo, Sasha, Melanie and Ginny are on hand to make her smile. Check out the highlights of this week’s episode below, and check back next week for more Barre Hopping!

Michelle’s Surprise Breakfast: “Scones! Feeling the Downton Abbey?”

Drink of Choice: Whiskey shots

Senior Moment:
Michelle: “Thornton Wilder should have mentioned the creepy side of small-town life.”
Melanie: “Who?”
Michelle: “No one, he was in Menudo.”
Ginny: “Who?”
Michelle: “I’m gonna go be old now.”

Boo’s Ballet Injuries: “Five blisters, an ingrown toenail and some general scabbing and peeling.”

Fanny’s Passive Aggressive Rant:
“Hubbell made this [mug] for me when he was six. Of course, it’s toxic and contains lead paint, but it was a gift. And here’s where I’m confused. Are gifts yours too? Should I call a lawyer before I pour my tea?”

Michelle’s Coping Strategy: Driving Hubbell’s Mustang convertible

Sympathy From Ginny’s Mom: “The day I lost my husband was the worst day of my life. Of course, I lost him to the divorcee in Jeggings across the street, but it still hurt.”

Michelle’s Car Diagnosis: “I don’t know if it’s a transmission thing or a brake thing or an oil thing, or maybe ‘cause I turned the steering wheel so fast it could be a steering wheel thing…feel free to jump in anytime here.”

Best Dance Move: Boo and Sasha’s flirtatious grand plies at the barre (to impress Melanie’s brother)

Michelle’s Self-Proclaimed Nickname: “I honestly didn't think there was a scenario after the 1800s where people crapped in the ground behind their house and then just left it there. But apparently there is, and suddenly I'm thinkin' about it, I'm talkin' about it. I'm Septic Tank Girl!”

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