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Barre Hopping: Sutton Foster Fights For Her Right to Drink Cheap Coffee on Bunheads

Barre Hopping: Sutton Foster Fights For Her Right to Drink Cheap Coffee on Bunheads
Sutton Foster in 'Bunheads'
Down with pretentious macchiatos! Sutton Foster takes a stand on 'Bunheads.'

On this week’s episode of Bunheads, two-time Tony winner Sutton Foster is taking a stand against overpriced coffee as outspoken dance teacher Michelle Simms. When prima ballerina Sasha quits to join the cheerleading team, Ballet Mistress Fanny (played by Tony winner Kelly Bishop) goes on a rampage to find the perfect Clara for The Nutcracker. Meanwhile, pretentious coffee barista Sebastian (Gilmore Girls vet Sean Gunn) comes to town, and Michelle fights for her right to drink cheap, mass-produced java. For the Paradise ballerinas, boy troubles abound: Boo has a kiss that goes all wrong, while Ginny declares her undying love for Melanie’s older brother. We’ve highlighted the best moments from this week’s episode below. Tune in next week for the Bunheads season finale!

Coffee Shop Small-Talk:
Teen: “I’ve got Trig.”
Michelle: “Hope it’s not contagious.”

Sebastian’s Coffee Creation: Fair trade single origin Nicaraguan macchiato with notes of honeydew, fig and hard candy, with a peace symbol in the foam.

Michelle’s Compliment Gone Wrong:
Michelle: “Your mom must be very proud.”
Sebastian: “I have two dads. Don’t assume.”

Dancing Tune: “March” from The Nutcracker

Fanny’s Critique:
Fanny: “That was terrible.”
Michelle: “I told you I wasn’t warmed up.”
Fanny: “You also told me you were in ABT. Who knows what to believe?”

Sasha’s New Cheerleading Schedule: “We only practice an hour a day—less if anyone has cramps or zits.”

Michelle’s Childhood Memories: “When I was growing up, my home life was no big picnic either. It was like a Tennessee Williams play but without all the happy endings.”

Boo’s Surprise For Her Crush: “I made you those Dream Bars I told you about. I’m not much of a baker so they may taste more like Nightmare Bars.”

Sasha’s New Pastime: “I’m finally exploring that Internet everyone’s been talking about. And then there’s TV—the best part is, I don’t even have to multitask while I’m watching it. I can just sit there, like someone in the Midwest!”

Michelle’s Angry Coffee Comeback: “You and I are through. Because in a week, we’re getting a new supermarket. A premiere supermarket where in one fell swoop I can get garlic chicken and stamps and a raised glazed donut and 15 cups of coffee in five minutes. And I’ll know that coffee will have my name misspelled on the cup and world music will be inexplicably for sale at the register, and I know that no matter where I am it’ll look like Seattle in the ’90s, and I can’t wait!”

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