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Glee Season Four Wish List: What Lea Michele Should (and Shouldn't) Sing This Season & More

Glee Season Four Wish List: What Lea Michele Should (and Shouldn't) Sing This Season & More
'Glee' offers a wish list for season four of 'Glee.'

We are so excited for season four of Glee! The FOX hit, which helped make musical theater obsession cool, will be back on September 13. In anticipation of the return of the show that brought Broadway vets Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison to the masses (and Darren Criss into our hearts), compiled an informal wish list for a season that promises to be action packed, splitting focus between NYC and McKinley High. A little more of this, a little less of on a see if you agree with our prescription.


Matthew Morrison as Will Schuester
We loved early Mr. Schu! He was a singing, dancing badass who cared deeply about the kids in glee club, but he also had a life (and storyline) of his own. Here's hoping that Matthew Morrison and Jayma Mays as Emma will have more to do this season than listen to their students' problems.

Coach Roz vs. Sue Sylvester
Sue (Jane Lynch) finally found her match in quick-witted Coach Roz Washington (NeNe Leakes). Their interactions leave us laughing and feature some of the snappiest dialogue on Glee. Let's see more of these two, and a re-energized squad of Cheerios competing with the New Directions kids.

With the engagement and graduation of Finn and Rachel, our other favorite couple Blaine (Darren Criss) and Kurt (Chris Colfer) didn’t get a lot of air time in season three. Now that Finchel is over, we're eager to see how Klaine's long distance romance will play out. 

Broadway fanatic Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) will attend a fictional performing arts college NYADA, and we sincerely hope that Glee uses this conceit to showcase Broadway vet Lea Michele taking on great female roles in theater. The Rodgers & Hammerstein catalog awaits!

Live Singing
Glee employs some of the most talented and versatile young performers working today, yet every number is recorded in-studio, auto-tuned and then dubbed on film. The cast tours, so we know they can sing live, why not let them? 


Lea as Barbra 
Lea Michele loves Barbra Streisand, Rachel Berry loves Babs and we love them both, but enough is enough. Michele has an amazing voice and a wide range, so surprise us with unexpected covers, like her beautiful rendition of Paramore’s “The Only Exception.”

Chris Colfer Singing Girls' Songs
If we could sing falsetto like Chris Colfer, you’d bet we’d cover "Rose’s Turn," "Le Jazz Hot" and "Defying Gravity," but as Kurt begins a new life in New York, we hope to hear more mature, serious songs reflecting the character's growth.

Themed Episodes
Fans know that Madonna, Britney, Whitney and Lady Gaga have terrific catalogues, but Glee should always choose the best song for a particular moment in the story, not just plug in a hit because the week's featured artist sang it.

Celebrity Guest Stars
We love celebrity guest stars (hi, Kate Hudson looking HOT!), but we want fewer tangents. Keep the focus on the characters we have come to know and love for the past three seasons. There are plenty of stories to tell about Mercedes, Artie, Puck and more.

It needed to be said twice. (See above!)  

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