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Cheyenne Jackson Unsheaths His Sword, Kate Hudson Kicks Up Glee’s Sex Factor and More Lessons of the Week

Cheyenne Jackson Unsheaths His Sword, Kate Hudson Kicks Up Glee’s Sex Factor and More Lessons of the Week
Lean vampires, sexy dance teachers and puppet camp top this week's lessons.

School is in session and the lessons keep coming for all of us at We’re learning so much these days, whether it’s how to rock a gladiator onesie or how to feel sexy while vamping it up on stage. Here's a look at 10 lessons from the week that was.

Cheyenne Jackson Puts the “Glad” in Gladiator
It takes a very specific type of man to turn a tacky Halloween costume into a Greco-Roman sex fantasy. Cheyenne Jackson, who is readying to star in porn comedy The Performerstaught us that leather loincloths are still in style, as long as you have the thighs for it. Of course, we also learned that Cheyenne seems to have no trouble mastering the art of brandishing his big...weapon.

Puppet Camp Is Brutal
Rob McClure fearlessly walks a tightrope in Chaplin, but he wasn't always so confident: the star got his break in Avenue Q, which required a trip through the tortuous fuzzy gauntlet known as puppet camp. McClure recounted long hours of keeping his arm immobile and the inherent frustration in trying to “make the puppet breathe.” Ouch! It sucks to be you.

Vampires Have 5% Body Fat
Well, not all vampires. But Hugh Panaro was rocking the single digits when he played the title bloodsucker in Lestat in 2006, as the actor revealed when we asked him to run down his favorite roles. “Being a vampire, you want to feel sexy,” said the longtime Phantom headliner. “It was the sexiest I’ve ever felt in a role.” Someone find this man a part in Twilight!

Not All Mormon Elders Have Potty Mouths
Broadway Book of Mormon lead Nic Rouleau has a squeaky-clean look—and vocabulary. “I was a bit of a square growing up and refused to use any profane language, even throughout high school,” said Rouleau, who ironically finds himself leading one of the most outrageous shows on Broadway. “Elder Price would have been VERY proud!” We’re sure he’d be just as proud of touring star Gavin Creel, who thinks the show is “f**king funny!”

Kinky Team Has Footwear Fetishes
The creative team behind the upcoming tuner Kinky Boots must love shoes—it’s in the title! Director Jerry Mitchell said that if he were to be a shoe, he’d be an “extra high, extra spiky, extra stiletto.” Bookwriter Harvey Fierstein compared himself to a pair of rainbow New Balance shoes (“But you can only get them from Taiwan,” he added). And as for composer Cyndi Lauper? She’d be “a very fabulous one.” You never know what people will say when you ask a serious journalistic question.

Zac Efron Wants a Broadway Break
After dropping out of the Footloose movie last year, some folks thought that maybe Zac Efron had hung up his jazz hands for good. But the erstwhile Hairspray and High School Musical singer revealed that he’s still hoping to get back into the theater swing of things. “Without a doubt, I’d love to do Broadway,” said the 24-year-old actor. “I actually can’t wait to get back to musical theater.” OK, Zac. But what kind of shoe are you?

Ari Graynor Can Sexualize Anything
Ari Graynor knows sex, since the rising starlet is featured in not one but two coitus-themed projects this season (the call girl comedy For a Good Time, Call…, in theaters now, and the upcoming Broadway porn venture The Performers). “Anything can sound sexual if you say it in the right tone of voice,” Graynor told us in a decidedly unsexual tone. We love this lesson and plan to try it out at Rosh Hashanah dinner next week. Thanks, Ari!

Broadway Stars Are Not Exempt from Tweeting Tragedies
The Newsroom’s worrywart Alison Pill got her own bad news this week when she accidentally tweeted a topless photo of herself (perhaps mistaking the “Send to Fiancée” function for the “Tweet to 15,000 People” button, as we all are prone to do). With a smart apology, Pill owned her social media mishap, but she taught us something in the process: teets are not meant to be tweeted.

Constantine Maroulis’ Luscious Locks Will Go Unwhipped
Just as you can’t have Annie without a ginger ‘fro, you can’t have Jekyll & Hyde without a ridiculous hair-flip during the famous “Confrontation” number—or can you? As the titular maniac in the upcoming revival, Constantine Maroulis eschews whipping his hair in favor of a less mane-related motion. We won’t spoil what he does, but we're hoping it tops David Hasselhoff whipping his weave. (YouTube it. You're welcome.) 

Kate Hudson is New Queen of Mean on Glee
She’s boozy, she’s bawdy, she’s sexy and she insults Lea Michele nonstop—Kate Hudson is totally our new favorite Glee character! With her killer unitard and  one-liners, Hudson’s character Cassandra July is funnier and sharper than Sue Sylvester. In fact, she may very well be the New York answer to the track-suit tyrant. We have one request, Glee: more Cassie July!

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