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Al Pacino Needs Therapy, Jonathan Groff Makes a Bride Blush and More Lessons of the Week

Al Pacino Needs Therapy, Jonathan Groff Makes a Bride Blush and More Lessons of the Week
Jonathan Groff, Mika and 'Les Miserables' top this week's lessons!

The last few days of summer can be a sad occasion, but let's ease the transition to fall by looking at the 10 lessons learned this week on Broadway.

Jonathan Groff Is the Best Wedding Gift Ever
Jonathan Groff can steal the spotlight from almost anyone, but he happily shared it with one bride on her wedding day. Groff dropped jaws at a recent NYC wedding by surprising the happy couple with a swoon-worthy rendition of “The Way You Look Tonight” and we’ve got the video to prove it. Best. Gift. Ever. So is there some amazing celebrity registry we don’t know about? And more importantly, is John Stamos available for bar mitzvahs?

Aaannnnd…Les Miserables Is the Best Christmas Gift Ever
The hotly anticipated release of the movie musical Les Miserables was moved to Christmas Day. First reaction: We have to wait longer?! Second reaction: OMG! It looks amazing! OK, so we’ll wait a little longer for this holiday treat, because nothing says Christmas cheer like whores, bloodshed and Anne Hathaway with a buzzcut. Joyeux Noël!

Kyle Dean Massey Literally Can’t Chew the Scenery
We’re pretty sure that Wicked’s Kyle Dean Massey would look handsome—even toothless. The current Fiyero revealed that an unfortunate surfing accident in Mexico put that image to the test. “I ended up having to do an entire week of Wicked with no front tooth,” said Massey. “Some people at the Gershwin still call me ‘Snaggle.’” Now we’re picturing Kyle Dean singing “Danthing Through Life.” Awethome!

Some Punk-Ass Kids Beat Up Jake Gyllenhaal
To prepare for his new movie End of Watch, Jake Gyllenhaal trained at a dojo and got his ass handed to him every day for five months. “I basically got beaten up by 14 to 21-year-old kids every morning,” said the actor, currently appearing off-Broadway (with a beard!) in If There Is I Haven’t Found It Yet. Thankfully, there appears to be no major damage to Gyllenhaal’s beautiful mug; if there is, we haven’t found it yet.

Daisy Eagan Boozes in Her Bathtub
While promoting her solo show (the delicately titled Daisy Eagan: F@¢k Off. I Love You) the Tony winner detailed her break-up comforts after her 2006 divorce: “[I would] drink bottles of wine while weeping copiously in my bathtub in my shitty one-bedroom apartment in Hollywood with the tranny hookers on the corner and the homeless lady who had taken up residence on a discarded mattress in front of my apartment building.” Really, Daisy? A one-bedroom?

Mika Makes a Fantastic Glinda
Kristin Chenoweth’s legacy has been threatened! Grammy nominee Mika borrowed a bit from Broadway’s Wicked for his third album, The Origin of Love. In the super-catchy “Popular Song,” Mika covers “Popular” and earns our vote to play the bubbly blonde anytime. The down side? We’re pretty sure Chris Colfer will be covering this version on Glee any second now. Lalalalalala!

Neil Haskell’s Mom Is a Reality TV Pimp
So You Think You Can Dance favorite Neil Haskell almost didn’t audition for the reality phenom that made him a household name—until his mom begged him to do it. Good thing he listened to his mother because five years later, he’s capitalized on his new celebrity and is making a splash on Broadway in Bring It On. See? Not all reality TV celebs need a sex tape to boost their careers.

We Don’t Have to Worry About Your New Year’s Eve Plans
New Year’s Eve is always a stressful night to plan, but this year, we can avoid the unnecessary drama by ringing in the New Year with a Broadway babe! With Cheyenne Jackson hosting the NYE celebration at the Kennedy Center and Idina Menzel playing the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, the choice is simple. Well, it's not that simple. Cheyenne or Idina? Hmm. Pass the Champagne while we contemplate.  

Rob and Kristen Could Be the New Patti and Mandy
We’ve heard the rumors that Twilight’s Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are having secret meetings… but why can’t the angsty duo rekindle their vampy romance on the Broadway stage? RPattz and KStew are more than ready to channel their “doomed lovers” thing into a musical, like Phantom of the Opera, for instance. The roles are sexy, gloomy, and there’s even a part for Taylor Lautner as one of the wooden set pieces!

Screaming Expletives on Stage is Therapy for Al Pacino
He may not be playing Ricky Roma in the upcoming revival of Glengarry Glen Ross, but Al Pacino still finds therapeutic relief in swearing for two hours on stage. “I started on the stage, and I think that being on the stage was my form of therapy,” said Pacino in a recent press conference. “There’s something in it that satisfies certain needs I have.” Like the need to express yourself by cursing in a Mamet masterpiece? We totally f**king agree!

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