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23 Tidbits We Learned About Bunheads Star Sutton Foster (a.k.a. Suttbutt) on Twitter

 23 Tidbits We Learned About Bunheads Star Sutton Foster (a.k.a. Suttbutt) on Twitter
Sutton Foster in 'Bunheads'
Sutton Foster's favorite gift from a fan? Her pimp cup!

The hit ABC Family series Bunheads returned to the small screen on January 7, starring two-time Tony-winning Broadway favorite Sutton Foster as a Las Vegas showgirl-turned-ballet teacher with an attitude. In honor of the new episode’s premiere, Foster answered fan questions on Twitter during the show…with mostly hilarious results. Sifting through the star’s Twitter feed was an educational experience, and we discovered facts we never knew about Foster (including her undying love for a certain Sir Mix-A-Lot song)! From her biggest fear to her fave toothpaste, check out the top 23 things we learned about Foster (or should be say “Suttbutt!?”) below.

1. Nicknames: Suttbutt, Sutty

2. Favorite Soda: Coke Zero

3. Favorite Food: Pizza

4. Favorite Color: Yellow

5. Favorite Cereal: Lucky Charms

6. Favorite Reality Show: America’s Next Top Model

7. Favorite Musical: Sweeney Todd

8. Favorite Toothpaste: Sensodyne

9. Favorite Disney Princess: Belle from Beauty & the Beast

10. Favorite Place to Shop: Bloomingdale's

11. Favorite Fan Gift: My pimp cup

12. Role You’d Like to Reprise: Millie in Thoroughly Modern Millie (“even though I’m too old now.”)

13. Favorite Dance Number: The tap number in Anything Goes

14. Non-Broadway Career You’d Want: Bank teller

15. Show That Should Come Back to Broadway: Me and My Girl

16. Guilty Pleasure Song: “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot

17. Song You’d Love to Record: “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot or “Mr. Snow” from Carousel

18. Worst Habit: Too much sugar

19. Best Mood-Boosting Music: Anything by Britney Spears

20. Toughest Part About Showbiz: Dealing with reviews and criticism

21. Top 3 iPod Songs: “In Your Eyes” by Peter Gabriel, “Scenes From an Italian Restaurant” by Billy Joel and “Making Pies” by Patty Griffin

22. Biggest Fear: Snakes

23. Words of Wisdom: “I was bullied, picked on, and it sucked. But I guarantee that things will get better. I PROMISE.”

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