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Smash Survey Results: Readers Aren't Buying the Producer Act, Karen!

Smash Survey Results: Readers Aren't Buying the Producer Act, Karen!
Katharine McPhee in 'Smash'
Readers can't get behind Karen Cartwright as an off-Broadway producer!

Karen Cartwright, what’s going on with you, girl? It felt like just yesterday that you were fresh off the bus from Iowa with a song in your heart and a fresh pair of skinny jeans. Now you’ve not only won (then lost, then won, then lost, then won) the lead role in a Broadway musical, but you’re also trying to get your producer wings, too! It’s admirable, dear, but unfortunately,’s readers just don’t buy it.

In this week’s Smash Survey, we asked which Smash character is the least convincing in their newfound role in season two. Turns out 34% of readers said that Karen (played by Katharine McPhee) just couldn’t make them believe she was actually capable of producing an off-Broadway musical, let alone one written by the grumpiest composer of all time.

That brings us to the runner-up: Jeremy Jordan’s huffy hottie Jimmy came in second place with 22% of readers agreeing that the troubled composer just wasn’t convincing as good boyfriend material for La Karen. In third place with 12% came Smash newcomer Sean Hayes as Terrance Falls, a comedic actor whose attempt to be dramatic was harder to digest than a peanut smoothie.

Watch the episode "The Read-Through" below and decide for yourself which character just isn't cutting it!

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