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Stark Sands Is the Best Co-Star Ever, Sutton Foster Is a Teen Queen & More Lessons of the Tony Nominations

Stark Sands Is the Best Co-Star Ever, Sutton Foster Is a Teen Queen & More Lessons of the Tony Nominations
It's all about the Tony nominees in this week's lessons.

This week was a very special week on Broadway! The 2013 Tony Award nominations were announced on April 30, and Broadway (and was all aflutter with nomination reactions, snubs and more. In honor of the new nominees, we present completely Tony nomination-centric lessons of the week. Click below for the highs, the lows and the utterly impossible.

Stark Sands Doesn’t Want to Win a Tony
It’s Tony time! And while most actors are dying to take home the trophy on June 9, there’s one nominee who doesn’t want your vote: Stark Sands. Yes, this Kinky Boots headliner told, “Seriously, I am rooting for [co-star Billy Porter]. That is my dream for Billy, to take this thing. It would be the best.” Aw! Turns out “the most beautiful thing in the world” is a supportive friend and co-star.

It’s a Hard-Knock Life for Annie
Parents and teachers always warn against choosing one child as a favorite, but Tony nominators must play by a completely different set of rules. This week, the Tonys honored the four (very talented) young actresses who split the title role in Matilda with a special Tony while snubbing the one and only Annie, Lilla Crawford. Fear not, Lilla, it may be tough now, but on the bright side, in 35 years, you’ll star as Mame!

Richard Kind Has His Obit Headline All Set
For stage and screen star Richard Kind, a Tony nomination is not only a great honor, it’s also a way to beef up his obituary. We caught up with the (very much still alive) Big Knife star just after he was nominated and he said, “If I die tomorrow, my New York Times obituary will be 'Tony nominee Richard Kind.' That's good enough for me." Hey, Richard, you win the award for most morbid spin on your nomination! Congrats! 

Condola Rashad Undoubtedly Gets Logo
Turns out two-time Tony nominee Condola Rashad (The Trip to Bountiful, Stick Fly) and the drag divas of Kinky Boots probably have the same DVR line-up: The Golden Girls and RuPaul’s Drag Race. Yes, this busy, young actress knows the difference between reading and shade, so we're expecting RuPaul-red-carpet-realness and Bea Arthur side-eye at all of the awards season events. Werk! Good luck, and don't f**k it up!

Ironing Is More Fun When You’re a Nominee 
Can you believe, after 11 years working in NYC, this is Stephanie J. Block’s first Tony nomination?! The Mystery of Edwin Drood nominee let photog Jenny Anderson follow her as she prepped for her first Tony-related event, and boy did we learn a lot. The biggest surprise of the day: “When you’re a Tony nominee, even ironing is happy.” Really, Steph? Tell us, how do the DMV, the Apple store and hanging with in-laws stack up as a Tony nominee?

Patina Miller’s Great News Makes for a “Bad Day”
For some actors, receiving a Tony nomination could make the for the best day ever; for others, it makes for a pretty “bad day.” The latter was the case for Pippin’s leading lady Patina Miller. “I love myself some fries. I let myself have fries on my bad days…so maybe I’ll have a few fries!" A few fries?! Ms. Miller, if we did half the workout you do in Pippin, we’d indulge in a diet of just fries. Hell, after watching you hula-hoop we had to stop at McDonalds to refuel.

Sutton Foster Is Eternally 15
Two-time Tony winner Sutton Foster is a timeless actress. The star, who was super-psyched to announce the Tony nominees with Jesse Tyler Ferguson this week, told us she remembered "being a 15-year-old kid watching the Tony Awards every year.” When Ferguson retorted, “You were 15 every year?” Foster quickly deadpanned, “Every year. Still am.” Wait, Sutton's 15? Sure, whatever. Anything goes! 

Gabriel Ebert Likes to "Serenade the Trunchbull"
File this lesson under things you never knew: Matilda’s evil headmistress Miss Trunchbull likes to get down to the smooth sounds of a ukulele. Yes, Tony nominee Gabriel Ebert told us that he would celebrate his first nomination by singing a special song to fellow Matilda nominee Bertie Carvel. “I like to serenade the Trunchbull before I go on stage. That’s one of our little rituals.” We're totally saying "The Trunchbull" from now on. #newnickname

Valisia LeKae Is Stingy with Her Tony Treat
Tony nominee Valisia LeKae is slaying audiences as Diana Ross in the toe-tapping new musical Motown. Now Miss Ross may not be known for living a life of moderation (see wigs, furs and jewels) but Ms. LaKae keeps things in check. For example, when asked how she would celebrate her first Tony nomination, she replied, “I’ll just have one cupcake to celebrate the moment.” Well, Valisia, we have found the perfect single cupcake for the occasion. Enjoy!

Slumber Parties Ease Tony Nom Nerves
It’s no shock that some of Broadway’s biggest stars had trouble getting shuteye on Tony nom eve. While Kinky Boots star Billy Porter found solace in “a white lady pill,” others took a middle school approach: slumber parties. A Christmas Story’s Benj Pasek said he had a sleepver "because I didn't want to be alone, just in case.” Cinderella star Laura Osnes took a similar approach "because I knew, come rain or shine, I’d need a friend in the morning.” No confirmation on if the nominees talked about crushes, had pillow fights, made prank calls or had Frenchie try to pierce their ears.


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