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Aaron Tveit, Cristin Milioti, Matt Doyle, Bertie Carvel & More Lead Our Great Gatsby Musical Dream Cast

Aaron Tveit, Cristin Milioti, Matt Doyle, Bertie Carvel & More Lead Our Great Gatsby Musical Dream Cast
Annaleigh Ashford, Rob McClure and Samantha Barks make the cut for our dream 'Gatsby' musical.

If you’ve survived high school English class, chances are you’ve read (or at least pretended to have read) the seminal F. Scott Fitzgerald classic The Great Gatsby, a jazzy tale about high-society revelers with low-society behavior in the Roaring Twenties. With an all-star movie adaptation hitting theaters May 10—plus the novel’s pivotal role on the second season of Smash—it’s high time we turned on the jazz and began dream casting our picks for a big Broadway musical version. Who have we enlisted for this would-be perfect Broadway show? Check out our picks below, old sport!

Aaron Tveit as Jay Gatsby (played onscreen by Leonardo DiCaprio)
Is there any other Broadway actor with Tveit's decadent good looks, powerful musical chops and hair so gold it would make Scrooge McDuck jealous? He's our pick for the wealthy, enigmatic Gatsby, and he’d do sweet justice to the leading role. Sweet, sexy justice.

Cristin Milioti as Daisy Buchanan (Carey Mulligan)
Indulge us as we suggest Once alum Cristin Milioti for the role of the elegant, waifish Daisy. With her big eyes and gentle voice, Milioti can do soft-spoken and strong-willed, plus it's good to know that should the show call for it, this Daisy can provide her own backup music. Jazz trumpet solo, anyone?

Matt Doyle as Nick Carraway (Tobey Maguire)
He sings! He dances! He actively narrates whilst observing from afar! The Book of Mormon's resident Elder Price is a no-brainer for the quiet Nick…so long as he keeps his f**k frogs far, far away from West Egg. Everybody say hasa diga to traditional class stratification!

Bertie Carvel as Tom Buchanan (Joel Edgerton)
Strong and strapping Bertie Carvel would lend some intimidating stage presence to Daisy's threatening husband and Gatsby's super-jealous rival. We also believe that Carvel could put his Trunchbull rhythmic gymnastics skills to use, because nothing says, “My marriage is being threatened” like an intense bout of interpretive dance.

Samantha Barks as Jordan Baker (Elizabeth Debicki)
As fete-loving flapper Jordan Baker, we’re counting on Les Miserables movie standout Samantha Barks to stop the show with at least two numbers about competitive golfing. We already know Barks can run with the boys, and smolder like the woman she is. Score!

Annaleigh Ashford as Myrtle Wilson (Isla Fisher)
Take the bubbly fun of Lauren in Kinky Boots, the ditzy dim wit of Wicked’s Glinda and the free-wheeling, free-thinking (read: slutty) Marcy in Dogfight, and we've found the perfect Myrtle in Annaleigh Ashford. Nobody plays classless with more class than Annaleigh. Plus, wouldn't you love to see Myrtle bend and snap?!

Rob McClure as George Wilson (Jason Clarke)
The Chaplin breakout has that innocent, adorable puppy face thing going on, which is spot-on for the jilted George. And did you know he can walk on a tightrope? Sounds like the perfect talent to show off during the swimming pool murder scene! (Spoiler alert, 1925 edition.)

Ron Rifkin as Owl Eyes (Max Cullen)
Oh, please. Like Rifkin wasn't made for the role of the wizened old gent with a fetish for libraries? May we suggest that the actor alternate performances with fellow veterans Joel Grey and Jim Norton? They'll be just like the girls in Matilda, give or take about 60 years.

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