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Tom Hanks Is a Weight Loss Genius, Aaron Tveit Will Say Anything & More Lessons of the Week

Tom Hanks Is a Weight Loss Genius, Aaron Tveit Will Say Anything & More Lessons of the Week
Santino Fontana's mom's fish issues, Tonya Pinkins' wig collection and more made this week's headlines.

It’s getting pretty toasty in Times Square, but even a heat wave won’t stop us from sharing the oh-so important things we’ve learned this week! From the intense obsessions of Lea Salonga and Charl Brown to the many wigs of Tonya Pinkins, this week sure has been a weird one. Check out the wild, wacky and wonderful things we discovered!

Lea Salonga Has a Fangirl Crush on Anthony Warlow
Tony winner Lea Salonga has been in the biz since she was a kid, but there’s one star that still makes her swoon: Annie’s Daddy Warbucks, Anthony Warlow. When Salonga caught a performance of Annie, she admits she became “kind of a freak” and started crying when Warlow stepped out onstage. Wow, Lea, you're almost as much of a fangirl as we are! See you at the next Darren Criss concert?

Macaco Will Spend Tony Night on the Couch
The Mystery of Edwin Drood may be nominated for a Tony Award, but the closed production won’t perform at the Tony ceremony (it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas instead). Boooo! This means stage pup Macaco is spending the big night at home while his parents, Tony nominee Stephanie J. Block and Broadway vet Sebastian Arcelus, head to Radio City. But don’t feel too bad—Caco’s already invited Sunny and Porridge over for a Tony party, complete with Pup-Peroni and toilet water.

Tonya Pinkins Lives in a Wig Museum
Tonya Pinkins is the queen of red carpet hairstyles, whether she’s rocking funky purple highlights or a blonde shag ‘do. But where does she keep all those fabulous wigs? “I have this whole set of IKEA shelves [filled] with wig heads,” she told us, estimating she has 40 coifs in her collection. Hey Tonya, why don’t you start a Broadway wig lending library? The cast of Kinky Boots could trade you some killer patent leather kicks.

Herman’s Biggest Threat? Santino Fontana’s Mom
Santino Fontana is many things: Cinderella star, Tony nominee, friend to Herman the Fish…or is he? This week, the actor revealed some shocking news—when Fontana was a kid, his mom “gave away” his first pet goldfish! Between the wrath of Mrs. Fontana and his new arch nemesis Sherman, Herman is swimming in dangerous waters. Someone get this fish a bodyguard! Macaco?

Life Decidedly ISN'T a Cabaret For Emma Stone
Let’s say, hypothetically, you were given the chance to star on Broadway. Now let’s say you were offered an iconic stage role that transformed Liza Minnelli into a legend. And, just for fun, let’s say you were cast alongside a very talented and accomplished leading man who actually won a Tony Award for the very role he was reprising. You’d take the job, right? Yeah, so would we. Emma Stone wouldn’t, though. No prairie oysters for her! #YourLossEmma

Patina Miller Took Lessons in Fierce from Billy Porter
Let’s face it, Kinky Boots star Billy Porter is an inspiration to us all. But there’s one Tony nominee who name-checked the actor as her “mentor” to Pippin powerhouse Patina Miller! Can you even imagine the epic arm-wrestling competitions these two ripped stars could have together? Don't even get us started on the sing-offs and the shoe shopping.

Tom Hanks Can Lose Weight Instantly
Tony-nominated Lucky Guy star Tom Hanks (ever heard of him?) doesn't need a fancy diet or exercise program to stay in shape. On CBS This Morning, the Oscar winner interrupted his interview with Gayle King and co. to impart some priceless weight-loss wisdom. “Above the chin loses 10,” Hanks joked, showing the cameraman how to film him from a more flattering angle. Thanks, Hanks! We'll take our Instagram selfies like this from now on.

Charl Brown Is Crazy in Love with Beyonce
You’d think a Tony nomination would get Motown star Charl Brown psyched up, but all he wants to do is talk about Beyonce. The superstar is both his Tony dream date and his secret talent (he apparently knows every Beyonce video “backwards and forwards”). Charl, if you win the Tony, why bother with a speech? You know you just wanna break out the choreography to “Single Ladies."

Tim Minchin’s Look Is Part Iggy Pop, Part Beethoven
Roll over, Tim Minchin! This week, the Matilda composer revealed that the inspiration for his trademark big-hair-and-skinny-jeans look is an “ironic” cross between “a rock star and a classical conductor, playing the hell out of a grand piano and singing songs about Jesus.” Really? We think you look more like a cross between Animal from The Muppets and the four Matildas. Are we the first ones to tell you this?

Aaron Tveit Is Refreshingly Open About Boners
Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen put Aaron Tveit through the ringer this week, asking him to perform party tricks, answer ridiculous questions and play a guessing game. But the Graceland star played it surprisingly cool when he was asked to reveal which celebrity gave him his first boner. The answer, if you’re curious (yes, we know you are), is Cindy Crawford in Fair GameThanks for keeping it classy, Aaron. #NotSoMuchAndyCohen

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