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Weekend Poll: Which Pixar Movie Should Hit the Broadway Stage?

Weekend Poll: Which Pixar Movie Should Hit the Broadway Stage?
Which Pixar movie should be on Broadway?

Pixar's latest animation marvel, Monsters University, roars into theaters on June 21, and with 13 films under their belt, the Pixar formula is one that’s proven itself to leave a lasting impression, transporting audiences to spectacular, gorgeously rendered worlds. It seems like year after year, Pixar creates a new classic, an endlessly re-watchable delight full of characters who capture the hearts and minds of adults as much as children. What's the only thing that comes close to capturing Pixar's universal magic? Broadway, of course! Can you imagine what the Great White Way's virtuosos could do with Toy Story's fanciful notion of toys coming to life or WALL-E's celestial dance among the stars or the hilarious and rich lore of The Incredibles universe? A musical adaptation of Finding Nemo is performed at the Theater in the Wild at Disney's Animal Kingdom, but all of them deserve a big Broadway score! We want to know: Which Pixar film should be adapted into a Broadway musical? Vote below!

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Which Pixar movie should hit the Broadway stage?

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