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Cherry Jones Never Forgets a Fan, Lea Michele Gets a Girlfriend & More Lessons of the Week

Cherry Jones Never Forgets a Fan, Lea Michele Gets a Girlfriend & More Lessons of the Week
Mandy Patinkin, Derek Klena and Zachary Levi make this week's most memorable headlines.

It’s just about time for the weekend, which means is looking back on the news that made us laugh, learn and question our very existence. From Derek Klena’s backside pride to the sin that Jackee Harry still can’t forgive, brush up on this week’s hottest lessons below.

Annaleigh Ashford Has Only One Pair of Pants
When you star in a show called Kinky Boots, everyone is always looking at your shoes, which means most people won’t take note of your other articles of clothing. However, when Audience Choice Award winner Annaleigh Ashford returned to Show People, host Paul Wontorek noticed something very familiar—Annaleigh was rocking the exact same pair of pants as she did for her first appearance two years ago! Call us impressed: she's fashionable and frugal!

Derek Klena Is a Fearlesss Fiyero
Speaking of trousers, there are many reasons for an actor to be nervous about making his Broadway debut in the blockbuster musical Wicked, but current star Derek Klena says the form-fitting costume didn't scare him. When asked what his secret to donning Fiyero’s infamous tight white pants, Klena said with a laugh, “Just being fearless…you’ve just got to wear them with pride.” #ballsy

There’s a Blow-Out Sale on the Scottish Play
There must be a fire sale on Shakespeare’s Macbeth because it is just about everywhere. In addition to Alan Cumming’s Audience Choice Award-winning performance in last season's reboot of the classic, Macbeth already has two stage productions heading to New York (starring Ethan Hawke and Kenneth Branagh) and two film adaptations in the works. With all this fever, you’d think Macbeth was Romeo and Juliet or something.

Don't Try to Direct Mandy Patinkin 
Homeland's Mandy Patinkin was a bad boy and he knows it. “During Chicago Hope, I never let directors talk to me, because I was so spoiled,” the Tony winner told The New York Times. “I started off with people like Milos Forman, Sidney Lumet, James Lapine, unbelievably gifted people.” Gee, if James Lapine can have that kind of effect on Mandy Patinkin, imagine how this bunch feels.

Daddy Warbucks Is Running Against Christine Quinn?!
Will Gluck’s upcoming remake of Annie is beginning to sound almost nothing like the beloved Tony-winning musical of the same name. The setting is no longer the Depression, and now Daddy Warbucks is called Benjamin Stacks, and he’s recruited Bobby Cannavale to help him run for mayor. It’s safe to say F.D.R and co. have been expunged from this contemporary Annie, but what the word on Sandy? Is he safe? Is nothing sacred? Leapin’ lizards!

Jackee Harry Holds a Grudge
Like Liza with a Z, Jackee with an E, does not appreciate being mispronounced! We caught up with the NEWSical the Musical guest star and she relayed a story about how the most memorable part of her ground-breaking Emmy Award win was that Bruce Willis mispronounced her name, “He called me Jackie!” Oh, hell no.

Zachary Levi Likes to Go Incognito
Hoping to have a celebrity sighting on your next trip to NYC? Then head over to the off-Broadway thriller Sleep No More. The interactive show is a favorite of stars like Neil Patrick Harris and First Date’s Zachary Levi. The former Chuck star is such a fan he even went back with his Broadway co-star Bryce Ryness. Masks, blood and dismembered baby dolls—sounds like a kinky First Date, bros.

Cherry Jones Remembers Stage Door Predictions
With 12 Broadway credits and two Tony Awards under her belt, Cherry Jones has surely had her fair share of fan interactions, but somehow her Glass Menagerie co-star Brian J. Smith found a way to stand out. Smith chatted with Jones at the Doubt stage door and promised her that the pair would someday work together, and Jones “honest to God” remembers the meeting because of his determination. It’s true, Cherry, you never forget those determined Gentleman Callers.

YouTube Video Auditions Can Lead to Real Jobs
If harassing Cherry Jones at the stage door doesn’t land you a gig on the Great White Way, your next best shot might be YouTube. Avenue Q star Darren Bluestone told us his YouTube performance of “Purpose” helped him get the attention of the show’s co-composer Jeff Marx and original star John Tartaglia. But just remember there’s a fine fine line between giving a star-making performance and being “a dorky high school sophomore trying to sing that song,” which is exactly how Marx and Tartaglia remember Bluestone. It’s sucks to be you, Darren.

Rachel Berry Found Her First GF
As a demanding, attention-loving star on the rise, Glee’s Rachel Berry may not be every girl’s cup of tea, which explains her lack of close female friends (sorry, Kurt). But it seems Ms. Berry’s luck is changing, and she may have found the Broadway bestie she’s always hoped for: Demi Lovato. The X Factor judge joins the new season of Glee as Dani, a struggling artist friend of Rachel’s. And here, we thought the only woman in Rachel’s life was Barbra. Move over, gorgeous.


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