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All the Faces Of the Moon - Off-Broadway

Mike Daisey returns to The Public with a breathtakingly epic theatrical event.

Mike Daisey’s Monologue Series All the Faces of the Moon Opens at Joe's Pub

Mike Daisey’s Monologue Series All the Faces of the Moon Opens at Joe's Pub
Mike Daisey; Photo by Sabrina Fonseca

About the Show

'All the Faces of the Moon' runs through October 3 at the Public Theater.

Monologist Mike Daisey will begin to tell one of the largest stories ever attempted in the American theater as his month-long storytelling series All the Faces of the Moon opens on September 11 at Joe’s Pub. The series will run through October 3.

Over the course of one lunar month, Daisey will take the stage each night to deliver a new monologue alongside a specially-commissioned oil painting by Russian artist Larissa Tokmakova. Directed by Jean-Michele Gregory, the project follows the schedule below:

September 11 — The Naked Emperor Is Still Laughing
September 12 — Venus Is a Star Who Gets What She Wants
September 13 — The Heirophant Plays It Loose
September 14 — The Lovers Struggle To Take What They Want
September 15 — Your Chariot Awaits, My Sweet
September 16 — Mars Is a Soldier Whose Hands Are Red
September 17 — That Hideous Strength
September 18 — The Hermit Stands at the Turn of the River
September 19 — This Is How We Make Our Fortune
September 20 — Our Justice Runs on a Tilted Table
September 21 — Jupiter Is a King Who Never Came Back
September 22 — A Hanged Man Knows How To Bluff
September 23 — The Untitled
September 24 — Temperance Under the Gun
September 25 — The Devil Always Plays to a Draw
September 26 — Paying the Rent in the Tower of Song
September 27 — Saturn Is a Father Devouring His Children
September 28 — If You Wish Upon a Star You Will Regret It
September 29 — The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress
September 30 — The Sun Is a Blind and Burning Thing
October 1 — A Flaw in Your Judgment
October 2 — The World Is More Than We Will Ever Know
October 3 — Last Call

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