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Carrie Underwood Made Us Watch, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Has a Broadway Plan & More Lessons of the Week

Carrie Underwood Made Us Watch,  Joseph Gordon-Levitt Has a Broadway Plan & More Lessons of the Week

As we say farewell to another week on the Great White Way, we’ve learned a lot of interesting lessons from our favorite stars. From Bette's social-media-fueled anxiety to Andy Karl's tooth-shattering Tommy DeVito, check out all the thrilling and ridiculous tidbits we've gleaned from the headlines in the last week!

Bette Midler Is Afraid of Trolls, Not Roles
The Divine Miss M might consider doing a Broadway revival of Hello, Dolly! or Mame if not for all those Internet trolls! In a chat with the L.A. Times, Bette Midler revealed she's "nervous about the social media part” of a high-profile musical return. Listen, Bette, we can use our powers for good by starting a super-positive Twitter campaign. How about #BetteDoesDolly? Please make Horace Vandergelder’s (and our) dreams come true!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is Secretly Auditioning for Broadway
Charming movie star Joseph Gordon-Levitt has assembled quite an impressive resume of musical performances, and we think it's all a ploy to get us to beg him to come to Broadway. His top-secret plan even seems to include having his name teased in practically every proposed movie musical. So let's put this charade behind us, Joseph. You want it; we want it. Your name will look great on a Broadway marquee. Done and done. 

Carole King Does Not Feel the Broadway Earth Move Under Her Feet
Beautiful: The Carole King Musical is a show about…uh, Carole King, so the singer-songwriter all about it, right? Actually, nope! Librettist Douglas McGrath told us King made it only to the end of act one, when “this terrible thing happens in her marriage. She said, ‘I already went through this.'" Title star Jessie Mueller is unfazed: “She’s Carole King, you know? She can do whatever she wants to do. We’re just grateful that she’s letting us tell her story.” Beautiful-ly said!

Andy Karl Should Keep a Dentist on Speed Dial
Andy Karl left Jersey Boys on December 1 to prep for the title role in the new musical Rocky. Before he left, he offered some advice to all the future Tommy DeVitos: Don't get too smiley while taking on and off that electric guitar. “I broke my two front teeth during a performance. I will never smile again while strapping on a guitar.” If you think Jersey Boys is dangerous, Andy, watch out for those uppercuts in the ring!

Mary Beth Peil Wants You To Hate Her
Well, she means her character, Jackie Florrick on The Good Wife. The Broadway vet, currently appearing off-Broadway in Domesticated, told us that people have very strong feelings when it comes the Governor-elect’s mother, and it couldn’t make her happier. “It would be very hurtful if they were saying it about me, but I understand why they say it about her.” That's sensible. Haters gonna hate.

Laura Benanti Loves Surprising People in Song
Broadway fans know Tony winner Laura Benanti from her illustrious Broadway career, but TV viewers seem surprised to find out she's a triple threat. Benanti told us that when people tweet at her after seeing her on TV, “[They] say, ‘I didn’t know you could sing.’ It makes me laugh so hard.’” Hey, TV fans. Laura can do more than sing, she can strip, panic on the phone, eat chicken wings like nobody's business and play a mean cow.

James Badge Dale Doesn't Want To Be Famous
James Badge Dale has appeared in his fair share of blockbuster films (like Iron Man 3, World War Z and The Lone Ranger), but he's not in it for the glory. The hunky Small Engine Repair star told us, "I don't know if I'm built to be famous." Listen James, until you lose those bedroom eyes, chiseled good looks and franchise films, we think fame becomes you.

The Sound of Music Can Solve a Problem Like Ratings
The Sound of Music live was a ratings smash. The Broadway-studded event felt like something our parents would have let us stay up late to watch, but this time we had cocktails and live-tweeting! Forget the haters, people were watching. And by people we mean 18.5 million viewers. What next?! Whatever it is, we'll be watching. And so will you. #AdmitIt

Debra Messing & Brian F. O’Byrne Have “Terrible” Chemistry
And by terrible, we mean Spencer-Hepburn terrible! The Emmy winner and Tony winner were adorable when they met the press to promote their new Broadway romantic comedy Outside Mullingar. Byrne deadpanned to, “Debra Messing is not a nice person.” But scribe John Patrick Shanley told us this is the most fun he’s had since writing his Oscar-winning movie Moonstruck. Can’t wait to see if Rosemary (Messing) loves Anthony (Byrne) awful.

The Spring Awakening Cast Can’t Cut the Cord
It’s been seven years since Spring Awakening opened off-Broadway. But these actors still can’t get enough of each other. Ten alums reunited at Atlantic Theater, and was there to capture Lea Michele, Jonathan GroffJohn Gallagher Jr. and more being so adorable we could just die. Let's not wait another seven years for more pics of these cuties together! 

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