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Oprah Is Our Favorite Thing, Clay Aiken Approves This Message & More Lessons of the Week

Oprah Is Our Favorite Thing, Clay Aiken Approves This Message & More Lessons of the Week
Meat Loaf, Oprah and Neil Patrick Harris taught us some very important lessons this week.

New York City is up to its knees in slush (literally, we just stepped in a puddle that had its own zip code), but that could never stop us from bringing you a recap of all of the craziest, silliest and absolute best stories from the last seven days. Check out what we learned!

Neil Patrick Harris Won’t Call In Sick
Even if he’s too sick to speak, walk or sing, Neil Patrick Harris will be playing the boozed-up, glitter-soaked title star in Hedwig every night. He’s a tough dude and he has the fishnet burns to prove it.

Corey Cott Puts His Socks Away
Newsies star Corey Cott may play a dirty street tough onstage, but in real life, his best friend and former roommate Jon Jorgenson insists he’s a “decently clean” guy. OK, give us the real dirt—how much Rent memorabilia does he own?

Clay Aiken Wants Your Vote
The moment has finally arrived: Broadway alum Clay Aiken is officially running for Congress. Claymates, get those votes in—after all, the American Idol runner-up has a history of coming in second place.

Marty McFly Is a Quadruple Threat
Back to the Future is heading to the West End, and prospective Marty McFlys won’t only need to sing, dance and act to snag the leading role, they’ll also need to skateboard. Oh, and obviously the ability to travel through the space-time continuum.

Bill Murray Won’t Grow Up
Film funnyman Bill Murray showed off his flying skills, green tights and middling singing voice on Letterman this week in hopes of snagging the leading role in NBC’s Peter Pan telecast. The verdict? Uh, we’d watch it.

K.D. Lang Is a Super Trouper
Singer-songwriter K.D. Lang is about to star in After Midnight, and even though she’s never seen another Broadway show before, she’s now game to try all sorts of musicals, including Mamma Mia! Not sure she knows about the white spandex.

Jarrod Spector Doesn’t Want Fruity Candy
Before you shower Beautiful star Jarrod Spector with gifts this V-Day, keep in mind he will immediately spit out chocolates with fruit in them. Please forward those to, 729 7th Ave., 7th Floor, New York, NY, 10019.

Justin Guarini Is Enrolling In Shiz U
American Idol runner-up and Shakespearean actor (yes) Justin Guarini is returning to Broadway for the fourth time, assuming the role of college stud Fiyero in Wicked. Hey, at least he’s not running for Congress.

Meat Loaf & Minnie Driver Freak Us Out
Grammy winner Meat Loaf got his start in theater and Minnie Driver was in a movie musical once, so why wouldn’t they want to team up for a flick about a murderer who haunts a theater camp? (All joking aside, this sounds awesome.)

Oprah Might Give Us the Best Gift of All
After teasing us for years about a possible Broadway debut, Oprah Winfrey is eyeing the title role in 'Night, Mother, opposite none other than eight-billion-time Tony winner Audra McDonald. This is way better than a free car.

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