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Kristin Chenoweth Has a Dirty Mind, Denzel Washington Loves Clean Undies & More Lessons of the Week

Kristin Chenoweth Has a Dirty Mind, Denzel Washington Loves Clean Undies & More Lessons of the Week
Denzel Washington's underwear and Kristin Chenoweth's Kindle taught us some very important lessons this week.

Springtime is the busiest time of year on the Great White Way, and we've gotta admit, the staff is a little bit sleep-deprived. But that would never stop us from bringing you the 10 craziest things we've learned this week! From Lea Michele's new spirit animal to Nikki M. James' inability to be friends with a certain five-time Tony Award winner (hint: it's not Angela Lansbury), we've had a very educational week. Read below to find out what we've learned!

Wanna Date James Franco? Tag Him!
Of Mice and Men star James Franco had a bit of an oopsie when he propositioned an underage fan on Instagram and the whole thing kinda blew up in his face. Sorry, James, but she’d rather earn a dollar to sleep with Paul Rudd.

Lea Michele Is Going Bananas
No, she’s not making a cameo in the finale of Bullets Over Broadway. She’s doing something much more rational—playing a monkey in a Bollywood movie musical! She’s going ape! She’s chimply marvelous! (We'll be here all week.)

Denzel Washington Dreams of Undies
When asked the A Raisin in the Sun star what must-have item he wants in his dream house, he waxed poetic about being happy with clean underwear and socks. Sooo, if you're cool with just socks, can we have your mansion?

Kristin Chenoweth Has a Kinky Kindle
What does Kristin Chenoweth do when she isn’t providing the voice for a pink poisonous frog? She reads dirty books, of course! Well, one in particular: 50 Shades of Grey. Kristin, you bad girl! What would Glinda say?

Broadway Fans Want Breakfast
We asked readers to vote for the ‘80s teen movie they want to see as a Broadway musical, and The Breakfast Club was the clear winner. We can’t wait to hear its big 11:00 showstopper, “Claire Is a Fat Girl’s Name.”

Nikki James Can’t Be Friends with Audra
It’s not because Les Miz star Nikki M. James doesn’t like Lady Day’s Audra McDonald, it's just that she idolizes her way too much. That’s OK, Nikki, we’re happy to be besties with her. We don’t mind. Audra, let’s do brunch.

Kyle Dean Massey Earns Those Abs
During a two-show day, you'd think Pippin star Kyle Dean Massey would take a nap, grab a cookie from Schmackary's or at least sit down during his break between perfomances. Instead, he hits the gym, succeeding in making us feel terrible about ourselves. Thanks a lot, Kyle.

Don’t Make Laura Benanti Dance
Laura Benanti sang like an angel in The Most Happy Fella, but fancy footwork? No way, Giuseppe. While the ensemble (and Heidi Blickenstaff) were busy hoofing in the Encores! presentation, Laura was busy kissing Cheyenne Jackson and falling for Shuler Hensley. Who needs tap shoes anyway?

Neil Patrick Harris Has Great Legs
Who knew NPH was hiding such a shapely set of legs under Barney Stinson’s Brooks Brothers suits? He’s showing them off (in fishnets!) in Hedwig’s new show photos. We haven’t been this excited since Ramin Karimloo ripped his shirt off.

We’ve Got a Vegas Date with Idina in 2054
Mark your calendars, because Idina Menzel has officially committed to doing a lounge act in 40 years, singing gravelly renditions of “Let It Go” to her adoring fans while she smokes, coughs and lies down on a couch. Get your—oh wait, tickets just sold out, forget it.

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