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Jersey Boys - Broadway

This Tony-winning rags-to-riches story is just too good to be true!

The Guys From the Jersey Boys Movie Are Teleporting! Here Are Eight More Places They Could Go

The Guys From the Jersey Boys Movie Are Teleporting! Here Are Eight More Places They Could Go
The cast of 'Jersey Boys' serenades Francesca & Robert in 'The Bridges of Madison County'
What destination will the Four Seasons teleport to next?

A new poster for the Jersey Boys movie has been released (check it out below, to the right) and it looks awesome—but wait just a minute! Doesn't it look an awful lot like the poster the film released in April (bottom left)? In fact, the guys are in the exact same positions, just standing in front of some bar instead of a brick building. The only explanation is teleportation. Since Frankie Valli and his crew obviously have superpowers, we thought they might want to hang out with The Bridges of Madison County's Francesca and Robert while they're uh, getting down to business. Below, check out some other fun places the Jersey Boys guys could travel to. Movie execs, take note.

1. Storming the barricades
You know what those passionate revolutionaries need? Some fighting music. May we suggest “Walk Like a Man”?

2. In the ring with Rocky
Forget “Eye of the Tiger.” The Italian Stallion’s new theme song should be “Bye Bye Baby.”

3. Next to some hay
Those satin jackets sure are soft... Right, Lennie?

4. With a giraffe
Who wouldn’t want to go on safari with four crooning dudes? Plus, they’d add some killer four-part harmony to “Hakuna Matata.”

5. At Emerson’s Bar and Grill
Hey Billie Holiday, it’s OK—while you take your booze break, the Four Seasons are happy to fill in.

6. At the beach
Fine, this isn’t from a show, but how adorable do Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons look all dressed up in their bright green vacation jackets?

7. Chilling with Olaf
Who needs a streetlamp to sing under when you’ve got a giant snowman? No one, that’s who. No one.

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