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Sutton Foster Won’t Grow Up, Jake Gyllenhaal Is a Broadway Bro & More Lessons of the Week

Sutton Foster Won’t Grow Up, Jake Gyllenhaal Is a Broadway Bro & More Lessons of the Week
A Mormon in drag and the Gyllenhaals taught us some very important lessons this week.

The Tony Awards are officially behind us—but while winners Neil Patrick Harris, Jessie Mueller, Audra McDonald and co. are kicking back on the sofa with their shiny new awards, we’ve still got work to do! Can we talk about all the crazy stuff that happened this week? From Sutton Foster’s age-defying new TV show to Ramin Karimloo’s tattoo wisdom, we’ve got it all in the newest installment of’s Lessons of the Week.

Sutton Foster Is Having a Midlife Crisis
Yep, in the new TV Land series Younger, two-time Tony winner Sutton Foster will play a 40-year-old mom who decides to reinvent herself as a 26-year-old. She says the new show is “like Tootsie, but with age.” Or like the ‘90s flick Never Been Kissed? Or like this lady?

Broadway Fans Are on a Sugar High
When we posted a spread of our favorite Broadway-themed cakes, you took to Twitter to share your own delicious treats with us. Wow, so many gruesome pretzel-rod barricades. But no one has ever made an Aaron Tveit cake? We’re disappointed. Wait, here’s one!

Ramin Karimloo Says ‘No’ to Ink
On the final episode of Vlogger 24601 (sob), Les Miz star Ramin Karimloo had a long laugh over Andrew Kober’s embarrassing drama mask tattoo. “Don’t get tattoos,” Karimloo warns us, even though he has ink of his own. Too late, Ramin—we’ve already got a tattoo of you. Shirtless. And no, we don't regret it.

Apparently, Sound Design Isn't Art
Bad news, guys. The Tony Awards committee has decided to eliminate the Best Sound categories. They also ruled that next year’s ceremony must be completely silent, and in lieu of traditional musical numbers, mimes will perform. (Seriously, if you don't want this to happen, sign here.)

B’way Is a Gyllenhaal Jamboree
When we heard one Gyllenhaal (Maggie) was going to make her Broadway debut this season, we were thrilled. And now we’re getting two Gyllenhaals (Jake in Constellations and Maggie in The Real Thing) for the price of one?! This is better than that time we watched Secretary and Bubble Boy back-to-back!

Post-Tonys, Stars Want Burgers & Booze
On the red carpet, we asked the stars what they most looked forward to doing after the Tonys. Mark Rylance wanted sex, and tons of stars had burger and booze cravings, but Kelli O’Hara was stuck with jury duty on Monday. We’ve never had to serve, but we hear it’s like a non-equity casting call with fewer dance belts. Sounds terrible.

Wanna Sell an Album? Hire Idina Menzel
A state-of-the-art recording studio, a stellar marketing team and a big record label are nice, but if you really want those albums to fly off the shelves, the secret weapon is Idina Menzel. The If/Then album had the highest Billboard chart debut for a cast recording since Rent. Wow, If/Then sold 525,600 copies?!

Tony Voters Will Get Great Big Stuff
The Tony committee has eased up on their rules about swag, meaning producers can now shower voters in all sorts of free show-related gifts before the awards. This is terrible! Tony voters should not accept bribes! (Please send all treats, especially ones containing chocolate and peanut butter, to, 729 7th Ave., New York, NY, 10019.)

On Saturdays, We Wear Slippers
You’ve heard of Dollar Friday? Well, get ready for Slipper Saturday. In James Snyder’s video blog, he captured the If/Then company in fuzzy slippers, for their fun weekly tradition. Hey James, can we get in on this? We’ve been waiting for an excuse to rock these.

Want a Lap Dance? Ask a Mormon
Who is the next star to play the transgender rock goddess in Hedwig and the Angry Inch? The Book of Mormon alum Andrew Rannells! Yes, you can soon get licked, “car washed” and spit on by a former member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. You’re welcome, Broadway. You're welcome.

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