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Quotable Quotes: Chewing the Fat with the Company of Spamalot

Quotable Quotes: Chewing the Fat with the Company of Spamalot
Christian Borle
& Christopher Sieber

About the Show


WHO: The cast, director and members of the creative team of Broadway's newest musical Spamalot as well as a few original Pythons

WHAT: The opening night party

WHERE: Roseland Ballroom

WHEN: March 17, 2005

"It's good. If you can make them laugh. Who needs money when you're funny?" --Eric Idle, Spamalot creator and original member of Monty Python

"It's almost disgusting. We all love each other and the material so much. I can't believe we actually get paid, but they do pay us, which is nice." --Hank Azaria

"It's ridiculous how much fun we're having. Between the material and the people we get to do it with, it's paradise." --David Hyde Pierce

"I was looking for funny people who could act and play different characters and could sing and who got it." --Director Mike Nichols on his cast

"Most of the music was written in 2002. As we were waiting for the show to go into production, a lot more songs got added. I have been dreaming of this moment for a very long time." -Composer/lyricist John Du Prez

"Oh my God, this is crazy! I'm so happy. I am thrilled. I am so grateful. I just feel like the luckiest girl in the world. That's how I feel." --Sara Ramirez

"When I was a senior in high school, I was in the school musical. I really wanted to play 'the part,' but I ended up playing all different parts, and so it was kind of like my destiny was set. I enjoy being a chameleon; it's fun." --Christian Borle, who plays the following several roles in Spamalot

"I'm sure it will have a cult following. I can see that happening. A lot of singing in the audiences is going to come." --Carol Cleveland, who appeared in several Monty Python films

"It's like a rock concert. The Python Heads. It's like David Hyde Pierce once said, 'It's like an Elton John concert and we're all Elton John, collectively.' They embrace you in this big hug of applause and cheers and laughter. And to get to make a large group of people laugh on a daily basis is a blessing. It's amazing. It's the most fun I've ever had." --Steve Rosen on audience reaction

"I'm not a musical theater guy, I'm not there for that. I'm there for my voices and silliness. I sing along as best I can and dance along as best I can. But watching those guys work has been a real honor for me." --Hank Azaria on the rest of the cast

"I wanted to do a musical for years. I always thought when Fraiser ended I would do a musical. Then when we knew Fraiser was ending, there was a blurb in The New York Times that said Mike Nichols was going to direct a musical of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. And that was it. I grew up on the Pythons and I love them and they were a very big part--a big influence--in my development as an actor. It was like kismet." --David Hyde Pierce

"I was actually the audition reader for this show. I was making my living working at the auditions then at the last day Mr. Nichols asked me if I had any music, so I sang. The next thing I know I'm in this big Broadway show. It's crazy." --Steve Rosen

"It's fun to have young people come in who are connected to Python, but it's not necessary. It's usually a mix. It works for all kinds of audiences and ages. Our audience is really Python lovers who start at 10 and go all the way up to 60." --Mike Nichols

"The biggest challenge was coming up to the standard of the original film. I mean, the quality of the writing was as funny and was already a classic and already an icon, and so it would have been very easy for us to screw that up, and I do believe we didn't do that.. -- John Du Prez about adapting the film for the stage

"You know, at first it was a little daunting, but the guys are so great that nobody really makes you feel that way. Everybody's very supportive, and I can't complain. It's thrilling. You take it and you run with it and you hope it works. and so I'm actually feeling comfortable with them now." --Sara Ramirez on being on stage with mostly men

"Very silly costumes, some of them are heavy and sweaty, some aren't. Some don't have enough clothing. Some have too much clothing, but it's great. To wear that silly knight outfit is one of the thrills--just to try that on is one of the thrills in my life." --Hank Azaria on playing several different characters throughout the show

"Certain famous lines come up and you get the hoots and the hollers, which is great. Afterwards [the audience] is so happy and I think that they are pleased that we didn't toy with it. We have expanded it and made it more of a musical, but I think they are just pleased that what they love is still there." --Christian Borle on audience reaction

"Well, I have to say if anyone every wanted to be a rock star, get into a production of Spamalot, because that's what it's like. It's like a rock concert every night. The audience just sort of eats it up. They go crazy. I don't know if they're all Pythoners or what, but they just love it. It's great." --Michael McGrath

"It's taken me three years of working on it and adapting it. You feel the process. It's a process. It isn't a miracle. It happens bit by bit." --Eric Idle

"It was actually really liberating creatively because I had never felt so free to just try things out. Vocally interpreting different songs the way I felt they were written, that was really thrilling, too." - Sara Ramirez


"The three leading men. Well, Tim [Curry] I have always known and loved. He's just great. He's just so genial and holds the center so brilliantly. David Hyde Pierce is just the lightest and finest and most discreet and wonderful comedian. And Hank Azaria is just an all out blast. He can do anything and he's never off." Eric Idle

"I've always heard of the roar of the crowd, but I've never actually experienced it. What I thought was a roar actually wasn't a roar. I was standing next to Hank Azaria and Steve Rosen during the curtain call when we do a company bow at the end, and we hear that roar, when people are standing up, screaming, throwing babies in the air…It's nuts. That is a roar of a crowd! I understand it now because I have experienced it. I have never experienced anything like this before." --Christopher Sieber

Interviews by Paul Wontorek
Compiled by Alixandra Liner

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