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4000 Miles - Off-Broadway

Lincoln Center Theater presents Amy Herzog's new play.


What Is the Story of 4000 Miles?
After a cross-country trip and a personal tragedy, young “hippie” Leo finds himself at the doorstep of his lefty grandmother, Vera, in New York City. Grieving and unsure of his next step, Leo spends three weeks with his elderly relative during which their once-remote relationship deepens; these two outsiders find strength in each other’s company and learn valuable lessons about each other, as well as themselves.

Should I See It?

What Is 4000 Miles Like?
4000 Miles is a one-act play that moves with speed and grace to tell the touching story of a grandson and his grandmother. Set in a rambling Greenwich Village apartment, the show features quick scenes that are funny, thought-provoking and often moving. The play is expertly acted by Tony winner Mary Louise Wilson (Grey Gardens), Gabriel Ebert, Greta Lee and Zoë Winters.

Is 4000 Miles Good for Kids?
4000 Miles is not a good show for young kids. Not only will the play’s themes be lost on children, the script features adult language, drug use, sexual situations and talk of death.