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Arguendo - Off-Broadway

Elevator Repair Service returns to The Public with this provocative new work.


What Is the Story of Arguendo?
Arguendo is less a story and more a re-telling of a true event. The show chronicles the 1991 Supreme Court case Barnes v. Glen Theatre, in which a group of exotic dancers challenged a stage law banning public nudity. The play includes arguments from the prosecution and defense, as well as summations from the justices and even testimony from opponents of the ban given outside the courtroom. By the end of the play, you’ll know precisely how this provocative case turned out!

Should I See It?

What Is Arguendo Like?
Arguendo is an experimental piece of theater created and performed by the acclaimed theater troupe Elevator Repair Service. Five actors inhabit multiple characters (including lawyers, judges and court reporters) as they tell the story—taken word for word from courtroom transcripts—of a 1991 Supreme Court case about public nudity. The show is a rapidfire blaze through the legal system, with extraordinarily creative projections and quick costume changes that lend themselves to the zany retelling of this poignant case.

Is Arguendo Good for Kids?
No. There is full frontal male nudity—as well as a dense script packed with legalese—so Arguendo is definitely not for the young theater lover in your family.