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The Banana Monologues TICKETS - Off-Broadway

The Banana Monologues

— A penetratingly funny new solo show about love.


Inspired by a true love story about a man, a woman and his “banana,” Sergeant Johnson, The Banana Monologues follows Gus Weiderman and his out-of-his-league girlfriend. When the layers of their relationship are peeled back, Gus tries to split from his girlfriend, but his sergeant stands firm. 

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What Is The Banana Monologues Like?
Featuring a large, multi-platform set that is used as a gym, a restaurant, a beach and of course, a bedroom, Banana star and co-writer John R. Brennan plays quadruple duty, playing Gus, Alexis, Darby and Sargent Johnson. Raunchy one-liners are peppered throughout the performance ...

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Theatre Row/Acorn Theatre
410 West 42nd Street New York, NY