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The Banana Monologues - Off-Broadway

A penetratingly funny new solo show about love.


What Is the Story of The Banana Monologues?
The humorous one-man show tells the story of Gus Weiderman, a man in a challenging long-distance relationship with his girlfriend, Alexis. While Gus knows that Alexis might not be the girl for him, his “banana,” nicknamed Sergeant Johnson, refuses to break up with her. As Alexis begins fighting with Gus and finding solace in her best friend Darby, Gus tries to break up, but his sergeant won’t budge. Will Gus finally regain control of his life, or will he forever be a slave to his “banana”?

Should I See It?

What Is The Banana Monologues Like?
Featuring a large, multi-platform set that is used as a gym, a restaurant, a beach and of course, a bedroom, Banana star and co-writer John R. Brennan plays quadruple duty, playing Gus, Alexis, Darby and Sargent Johnson. Raunchy one-liners are peppered throughout the performance, and audience participation invites patrons to get in on the naughty jokes. But the show, clocking in at 80 minutes with no intermission, has very few risqué moments—mostly, The Banana Monologues is the story of a man trying to sort out his feelings of love and lust.

Is The Banana Monologues Good For Kids?
What, are you crazy?