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Bunty Berman Presents TICKETS - Off-Broadway

Bunty Berman Presents

— The New Group presents this sparkling new Bollywood musical, set during Hollywood's Golden Age.


Movie producer Bunty Berman has long been the toast of Bombay, but now Raj, his biggest star and best friend, is losing his lustre. When their new movie bombs, Bunty must navigate through divas, mobsters and ambitious tea-boys to keep his studio alive. 

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What is Bunty Berman Presents Like?
Bunty Berman Presents… explores the humorous inner workings of a Bollywood studio, featuring a toe-tapping score by Ayub Khan Din and Paul Bogaev and a book by Din. Incorporating slapstick comedy, silly props (including a giant elephant’s butt) and stunning Bollywood costumes by designer ...

Bunty Berman Presents Video


Theatre Row/Acorn Theatre
410 West 42nd Street New York, NY