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Bunty Berman Presents - Off-Broadway

The New Group presents this sparkling new Bollywood musical, set during Hollywood's Golden Age.


What Is the Story of Bunty Berman Presents?
Set in India in the 1950s, Bunty Berman Presents tells the story of a failing Bollywood studio trying to produce a new hit film after a series of flops. Studio exec Bunty Berman was once the most successful movie producer in all of Bombay, but his star and best friend, Raj Dhawan, has lost his touch. The studio includes a wacky cast of characters, including a chain-smoking leading lady with an attitude, a lovesick secretary, an exasperated screenwriter and an ambitious tea boy who dreams of becoming a star. To keep his movie studio running, Bunty must decide whether to fire his best friend and allow a new team of producers to reign, or to stay true to himself and face bankruptcy.

Should I See It?

What is Bunty Berman Presents Like?
Bunty Berman Presents… explores the humorous inner workings of a Bollywood studio, featuring a toe-tapping score by Ayub Khan Din and Paul Bogaev and a book by Din. Incorporating slapstick comedy, silly props (including a giant elephant’s butt) and stunning Bollywood costumes by designer William Ivey Long, Bunty Berman Presents is a light and frothy evening at the theater.

Is Bunty Berman Presents Good For Kids?
Clocking in at two hours and 30 minutes, Bunty Berman Presents is too long to keep very young children engaged. Older teens, especially those interested in the history of Bollywood, may enjoy the production.