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Cougar the Musical TICKETS - Off-Broadway

Cougar the Musical

— A new musical that proves that love is ageless.


Cougar The Musical unleashes three divine but disillusioned women who develop a taste for hot, young men. They let their inner cougar roar and purr, finding self-love and empowerment in the process. The sexy, ferocious cast of three fabulous-over-forty women and one multi-talented boy toy sing and dance their way through a satiating range of original songs, from grinding blues, to doo-wop, to pop to “Julio,” a romantic ballad, sung to a vibrator. Hilarious, soulful and heartwarming, Cougar the Musical is a madcap ride from Cougar Bar to nail salon to boudoir and back as the women learn to say “yes” to getting older, “yes” to trust and friendship and “yes” to proving that love is ageless.

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What Is Cougar the Musical Like?
Cougar the Musical is a fun-filled ninety-minute musical about the love and sex lives of three mature women and one man in a variety of roles ranging from Naked Peter to Twilight Dude. The story is set in  a variety of locations including a ...

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St. Luke's Theatre
308 46th St. New York, NY