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Cougar the Musical - Off-Broadway

A new musical that proves that love is ageless.


What Is the Story of Cougar the Musical?
Cougar the Musical centers on three women: Mary-Marie, a confirmed cougar and owner of the local cougar bar; Clarity, a woman working on her thesis in women's studies who is writing about the cougar phenomenon; and Lily, a recent divorcee starting over again. The women come together to form a new community of cougars who take charge of their lives, their happiness and their sexuality. The show becomes like a modern Sex and the CIty or Real Housewives complete with song and by the final song, the audience feels as empowered as the ladies onstage.

Should I See It?

What Is Cougar the Musical Like?
Cougar the Musical is a fun-filled ninety-minute musical about the love and sex lives of three mature women and one man in a variety of roles ranging from Naked Peter to Twilight Dude. The story is set in  a variety of locations including a popular Cougar bar, a support meeting for women starting over and the ladies' homes, offices and bedrooms. The show features all original songs with titles like "On The Prowl" "Let’s Talk About Me" and "Love is Ageless." 

Is Cougar the Musical Good for Kids?
Cougar the Musical is not appropriate for young audiences—there is alcohol use and several sexual situations. The show does, however, make for a fun night out for Mom and her friends.