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An Enemy of the People - Broadway

Boyd Gaines and Richard Thomas star in a new version of Henrik Ibsen's drama.


What Is the Story of An Enemy of the People?
Henrik Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People is the story of one man's struggle to do the right thing and speak the truth when surrounded by people who would prefer he keep silent. Dr. Thomas Stockmann discovers toxic bacteria in the waters of his small coastal town in Norway, which have been developed into a spa. The doctor expects his discovery to make him a local hero, but the town has invested a large amount of money toward the building of baths, and, fearing economic ruin, his brother, Mayor Peter Stockmann, warns him to keep his findings secret. Political trickery, opposing personal ethics and sibling rivalry soon play out in Rebecca Lenkiewicz’s new version of this timely play.


Should I See It?

What Is An Enemy of the People Like?
Featuring minimal but meticulously detailed sets by John Lee Beatty and complementary period costumes by Catherine Zuber, An Enemy of the People transports audience members to a small coastal town in Norway during the 19th century. It’s a traditional political drama in which a whistleblower chooses to face the consequences of standing up to a powerful yet misguided majority. Strong performances by Boyd Gaines and Richard Thomas lift this Enemy to a must-see for lovers of classical theater.


Is An Enemy of the People Good For Kids?
An Enemy of the People is packed with political jargon and heated arguments that young kids won't understand and will become bored by. Older teens and young adults will be intrigued by the forceful storytelling and committed performances.