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Everyday Rapture - Broadway

Broadway diva Sherie Rene Scott stars in her own semi-autobiographical musical.


What Is the Story of Everyday Rapture?
Everyday Rapture is the semi-autobiographical story of stage star Sherie Rene Scott, a small-town Kansas girl with a half-Mennonite (affectionately referred to as “Mennonite Lite”) background, Scott details how she followed the call of New York City all the way to Broadway. Now a successful, real-life semi-diva, Scott uses this “play with music” to chronicle her climb to the middle of the top, giving audiences comedic glimpses into the her religious upbringing, musical flashes of her dangerous journey into the depths of YouTube and a more complete portrait of one not-so-average blonde Broadway bombshell.

Should I See It?

What Is Everyday Rapture Like?
This story of a quirky half-Mennonite trying to reconcile dreams of stardom with lessons about simplicity and humility is at turns funny, engaging and poignant. The coming-of-age story seems like it would be a solo show, but instead wisely incorporates two wry back-up singers, a boy straight out of cyberspace and more. Everyday Rapture also uses familiar radio-friendly hits, including “Killing Me Softly” and “Get Happy,” to showcase its star’s stellar voice, though audiences might be surprised by the onstage band’s new arrangements (and Scott’s delivery) of old classics. It’s not all breezy showtunes and one-liners, however. Rapture is a show with a message, and she wants you to hear it loud and clear.

Is Everyday Rapture Good for Kids?
Though the tone is light, Everyday Rapture touches on adult topics like abortion, bigotry, homosexuality and religion. One musical number dedicated to Jesus might be deemed too much to some audience members, though others might find it less offensive than shows on basic cable. The musical selections in the show will also appeal mostly to ears which have never heard (or care to hear) a Jonas Brothers album, making this one better for older audiences.