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The Film Society - Off-Broadway

The Keen Company presents the off-Broadway revival of Jon Robin Baitz's drama.


What Is The Story of The Film Society?
Set in 1970, The Film Society tells the story of Jonathon Balton, an idealistic young teacher at the South African boarding school he attended as a boy. In the midst of Apartheid, Jonathon runs an extracurricular film society for students and tries to avoid the world of politics. When his friend, an outspoken teacher named Terry, is fired for his political activism, Jonathan must decide whether to side with the Establishment or stick up for his friend. As tension mounts and the school begins to decline, Jonathon is pressured by his well-to-do mother and the school’s headmaster to accept a promotion. But when Jonathon is pressured to fire Terry’s wife, Nan, he must decide between a life of financial security or an uncertain future.

Should I See It?

What Is The Film Society Like?
The first full-length drama by Tony-nominated playwright Jon Robin Baitz (Other Desert Cities), The Film Society is getting a 25th anniversary revival produced by off-Broadway's Keen Company. Featuring a talented ensemble cast led by Tony nominee Euan Morton, The Film Society explores the transformation of a privileged young man at the height of Apartheid.

Is The Film Society Good For Kids?
No. Although there isn’t violence or bad language in The Film Society, the production clocks in at 2 hours and 20 minutes and kids won't be able to follow the storyline. Older teens, especially those who have an interest in the history of South Africa, may enjoy the production.