iLuminate - Off-Broadway

As seen on 'America's Got Talent,' this unique act returns off-Broadway.


What is the Story of iLuminate?
There isn’t a story in the show iLuminate: It’s a ballet in lights, with no words. Audiences go on a journey with a good-hearted character whose magic wand gets stolen by an evil character, and the rightful owner and his friends must recapture the wand before it is too late.

Should I See It?

What Is iLuminate Like?
iLuminate is a most visually groundbreaking ballet in which each dancer wears a wireless lighting system bringing every movement to brilliant life. The talented team dances to modern techno music and tells an age-old story of good vs. evil. From fighting dragons to falling in love, nothing is impossible with this light technology. The hour-long spectacle is performed completely in the dark with the only light in the theater coming from the electric costumes. The action is broken up into about half a dozen short scenes with no intermission.

Is iLuminate Good for Kids?
Yes, children will have a fun time watching iLuminate. Parents should be aware that younger kids might be frightened by the show’s villains, and that there are times when the characters come into the audience.

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