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Imaginocean - Off-Broadway

A family musical adventure created by John Tartaglia.


What Is the Story of Imaginocean?
After discovering a treasure map, three fish friends (cautious Dorsel, outgoing Bubbles and jolly Tank) set out on an ocean-wide adventure to find gold. Along the way the group encounters various other ocean critters including a school of dancing jellyfish and a bubbly octopus named Leonard. During their trip, the fish overcome challenges and learn lessons on the importance of friendship and believing in oneself.

Should I See It?

What Is Imaginocean Like?
Visually stunning and brightly colored, the show is performed completely in the dark with black light puppets taking center stage. A hidden group of puppeteers create the illusion that the puppets are actually swimming around the ocean—sometimes even extending out into the audience. The hour-long show also includes audience interaction and effects like bubbles and water that spray into the crowd to create a totally nautical experience.

Is Imaginocean Good for Kids?
Imaginocean is perfect for young children. The show teaches valuable lessons, and kids will love the eye-popping puppets and hummable songs. Its short running time prevents restlessness and audiences are included in the fun as the characters often ask for advice and applause.