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It's Just Sex - Off-Broadway

A new comedy about love and trust.


What Is the Story of It’s Just Sex?
It’s Just Sex is the story of three couples: Joan comes home early to find her long-time husband, Phil, having an affair with a hooker. Meanwhile, Greg experiences performance anxiety with his super-controlling wife, Lisa, while Karl desperately tries to convince his gorgeous wife, Kelly, for a "quickie" before they head out to meet the others. At a cocktail party, the three couples come together to work out their martial and sexual frustrations. But it’s what happens after the deed is done that really throws these married pairs for a loop.

Should I See It?

What Is It’s Just Sex Like?
It’s Just Sex is a fun-filled 90-minute look at three marriages and what happens one night when the couples swap partners. The show is not vulgar in nature; rather it addresses the topic of sex and its fluidity humorously and with heart. Audiences are sure to laugh a lot, but they may also leave thinking about what makes for successful relationships and the role sex plays in everyone’s life. The show takes place on one set and features a seven-person cast of good-looking and talented actors—their well crafted characters make the play more than just another sex comedy.

Is It’s Just Sex Good for Kids?
As the title might suggest, this is most definitely not a show to bring your children to. Although there is no nudity, there is plenty of sexy talk, adult language, alcohol use and a shadowy scene of simulated lovemaking.