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Jerusalem - Broadway

Mark Rylance reprises his Olivier Award-winning role in Jez Butterworth's hit play.


What Is the Story of Jerusalem ?
Jerusalem follows Johnny “Rooster” Byron, a middle-aged alcoholic who lives in a rundown trailer deep in the woods on the outskirts of an English town. The citizens of the village are fed up with his drunken antics and an eviction notice has been delivered to his door. Byron decides to ignore the notice and spends the remaining day drinking and doing drugs with a group of teenagers who often visit him to escape their home lives. Trouble ensues when one teenager’s father comes looking for his daughter after she has disappeared.

Should I See It?

What Is Jerusalem Like?
Each of Jerusalem’s three acts takes place in real time with a few hours passing in between each act. Byron is a very boisterous character who spends much of the play stumbling around drunkenly rambling and telling tall tales about his life. The show is very British in manner as it discusses England’s history and cultural practices; however, American audiences should easily be able to follow the story. The play is filled with humor, but turns serious very quickly when we learn more about Byron’s past and the consequences of his behavior.

Is Jerusalem Good for Kids?
This show is definitely not appropriate for children. The characters, including young teenagers, spend the entire play abusing alcohol and a variety of drugs. Expletives are sprinkled throughout the dialogue. There is a very brutal act of violence with plenty of blood.