Look Back in Anger - Off-Broadway

Matthew Rhys stars in John Osborne's classic drama.


What Is the Story of Look Back in Anger?
In a squalid one-room flat in the English Midlands in the 1950s, Jimmy Porter lives with his wife Alison and friend Cliff. While Alison listlessly irons Jimmy’s shirts, Jimmy reads the newspaper and rants about his boredom with life, his living quarters and his timid wife. The tension between Alison and Jimmy escalates until the ironing board is upturned and Alison is scalded. Cliff intervenes and tries to keep the peace between the couple until Alison tells him a startling secret. Then Alison’s no-nonsense friend Helena makes an unexpected visit and the apartment quickly becomes a war zone. The four friends must fight to love one another—if they don’t tear each other apart first.

Should I See It?

What is Look Back in Anger Like?
Look Back in Anger is a consuming 1959 drama by British playwright John Osborne. Sam Gold’s revival takes place in a narrow, claustrophobic corridor that makes the onstage violence even more tense and terrifying. As the tension mounts in this high-octane drama, audience members begin to feel part of the action, as bits of food and furniture nearly fly into the audience. Stars Matthew Rhys (of Brothers & Sisters fame), Sarah Goldberg, Adam Driver and Charlotte Parry give their all as they engage in intense physical and verbal brawls.

Is Look Back in Anger Good for Kids?
No. Look Back in Anger contains depictions of physical and verbal abuse that children should not be subjected to. The play’s adult themes and storyline are likely to go right over young children’s heads, but the screaming and fighting can be frightening, even for adults. If teens show interest in the play’s subject matter, see the production first before deciding if they are old enough to attend.

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