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Looped - Broadway

Valerie Harper stars as Tallulah Bankhead in this new comedy.


What Is the Story of Looped?
Looped tells the story of one very long day in a sound studio in which real-life Hollywood star Tallulah Bankhead (often called “the original celebrity bad girl”) tries to dub (or “loop”) a single line of dialogue for her last film. Bankhead was as infamous for her offscreen antics, which included wild parties, drugs and alcohol and scandals galore, as she was for her acting triumphs. The outrageous star butts heads with the uptight film editor left in charge of the looping session.

Should I See It?

What Is Looped Like?
At first this quick-moving play seems like nothing more than another campy portrait of a Hollywood legend turned has-been; however, the play finds its center by showing the motivations behind Tallulah’s extreme behavior. When a touching connection is made between the loopy star and the conservative film editor running the recording session, the vulnerability behind the star’s over-the-top persona is revealed.

Is Looped Good for Kids?
The story of a potty-mouthed glamour girl with a history of drug and alcohol abuse is not kiddie fare. The f-bombs and talk of sex scandals don’t help matters. Leave the children at home.