Motown The Musical - Broadway

A new musical based on the life on Motown founder Berry Gordy.

Stevie Wonder and Motown’s Real-Life Megastars Step Out for Family Night at Motown: The Musical

‘Motown’ Family Night — Chris Clark
Soul singer and screenwriter Chris Clark is best known for co-writing the 1972 Diana Ross-starring movie Lady Sings the Blues.

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Motown: The Musical celebrates Family Night on April 5, 2013, at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre.

Photographer: Bruce Glikas, ©

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‘Motown’ Family Night — Berry Gordy — Stevie Wonder
‘Motown’ Family Night — Annette Beard — Betty Kelly — Rosalind Ashford
‘Motown’ Family Night — Abdul ‘Duke’ Fakir
‘Motown’ Family Night — Bertha Barbee-McNeal — Norma Barbee-Fairhurst — Caldin Gill-Street
‘Motown’ Family Night — Dennis Edwards — Janie Bradford
‘Motown’ Family Night — Louvain Demps — Brian Holland
‘Motown’ Family Night — Marvin Gaye III
‘Motown’ Family Night — Ryan Shaw — Stevie Wonder
‘Motown’ Family Night — Valisia LeKae — Freda Payne
‘Motown’ Family Night — Ephraim Sykes — Donald Webber Jr. — Stevie Wonder — Jesse Nager — Jawan M. Jackson — Julius Thomas III
‘Motown’ Family Night — Claudette Robinson — Charl Brown
‘Motown’ Family Night — Charles Randolph Wright — Martha Reeves
‘Motown’ Family Night — Berry Gordy — Martha Reeves — Stevie Wonder
‘Motown’ Family Night — Adriane Lenox — Lee Daniels
‘Motown’ Family Night — Ryan Shaw — Marva Hicks
‘Motown’ Family Night — Berry Gordy — Valisia LeKae
‘Motown’ Family Night — Julius Thomas III — Jesse Nager — Dennis Edwards — Ephraim Sykes — Donald Webber Jr. — Jawan M. Jackson
‘Motown’ Family Night — Dionne Figgins — Lauren Lim Jackson
‘Motown’ Family Night — Chris Clark
‘Motown’ Family Night — Jamal Story — Sasha Hutchings — Caldin Gill-Street
‘Motown’ Family Night — Grasan Kingsberry — Patricia Wilcox
‘Motown’ Family Night —  Schele Williams — James “Diamond” — LaDon Williams
‘Motown’ Family Night — Marva Hicks — Jacqueline Hicks
‘Motown’ Family Night — Berry Gordy
‘Motown’ Family Night — Charles Randolph Wright — ESosa
‘Motown’ Family Night — Patty Smyth — Saycon Sengbloh
‘Motown’ Family Night — David Korins — Charles Randolph-Wright — Natasha Katz
‘Motown’ Family Night — Kevin McCollum — Stevie Wonder
‘Motown’ Family Night — Bryan Terrell Clark — Morgan James
‘Motown’ Family Night — Louvain Demps — Brandon Victor Dixon
‘Motown’ Family Night — Saycon Sengbloh — Edna Anderson — Martha Reeves
‘Motown’ Family Night — Dominic Nolfi — Barney Ales
‘Motown’ Family Night — Kevin McCollum — Charles Randolph-Wright — Berry Gordy — Doug Morris
‘Motown’ Family Night — Jibreel Mawry — Stevie Wonder — Raymond Luke Jr.
‘Motown’ Family Night — Louvain Demps — Charl Brown — Brandon Victor Dixon — Martha Reeves — Saycon Sengbloh — Edna Anderson-Owens
‘Motown’ Family Night — Brandon Victor Dixon — Valisia LeKae
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Motown The Musical – Broadway

A new musical based on the life on Motown founder Berry Gordy.

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